How are irregular periods linked to fertility?

The length of menstrual periods does vary for every woman and it becomes necessary that one does have the right information regarding infertility and irregular periods. Women having pregnancy can order MTP kit tablets and this helps you get rid of the pregnancy, but there are women who find it difficult to continue with the pregnancy. Infertility and irregular periods go hand in hand and women need to take utmost care of it.

Irregular period and pregnancy

When it comes to knowing the gestation period, or knowing the right time after your periods, the calculation goes wrong. Women mostly do consider, the last day and count from the last day of their last menstrual periods. The right way to calculate is from the first day of your last menstrual period and this helps you get an accurate period. 

Well, there are chances that you might end up having pregnancy, even if you have irregular periods, the only thing is, and the chances are less.

To conceive, even after having irregular periods is possible, women only need to engage in sexual intimacy during the fertility window.

Irregular periods and ovulation

There are many things that women might not be aware of. There are possibilities that women might have menstrual-like bleeding without ovulation and this happens when the uterine lining becomes so thick that it naturally sloughs off. There are various possible reasons behind irregular menstruation and there are many other that affects ovulation and makes it difficult for women to get pregnant.

Few causes that affect ovulation and affects your ability to conceive includes


Whenever you end up having an irregular period or problem conceiving, the foremost thing that cannot be overlooked includes weight. Whether you’re underweight or overweight, you’re likely to see the effect. Hence, women are most of the time recommended to look after maintaining the right weight. The right weight helps you have menstruation properly as well the infertility issues can be managed really well.


PCOS is a condition wherein the female body begins to secrete too much estrogen. Estrogens are the male sex hormones and they prevent the mature eggs from developing and are released by the Fallopian tubes. Women with PCOS need to know this can be genetic or influenced by their lifestyle or being sedentary too can cause PCOS.

Thyroid disorder

Women with an irregular period or infertility are likely to have thyroid issues. The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped organ at the base of the neck and this is responsible for regulating the hormones and impact ovulation and menstruation in women. 

Some of the symptoms that indicate about thyroid include,
  • Weight changes
  • Alerted heart 
  • Metabolic rates
  • Mental fuzziness


Out of 1,000 disorders, at least 990 are affected due to stress. Stress contributes a lot in our daily life and hence, women need to be careful with it. Ensure that you do avoid stress and for that practice few things such as some activity that helps you feel relieved from the stress.

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