Why should you share and speak about abortion?

Millions of women do end or cancel the pregnancy and it is just a need of an hour. Women intentionally do not end up getting into it. There are some reasons due to which women do land in a problem such as unplanned pregnancy and taking quick action becomes necessary during the initial stage. Women with mistimed pregnancy need to order abortion pills which is right for her and helps to get rid of the gestation during the initial stage.

As mentioned, millions of women undergo abortion every year, it becomes necessary that some, do share their stories or their experiences regarding an abortion. Below mentioned are the reasons that encourage you to share your stories:

It is not shameful

A lot of times, women are been judged because they terminate the pregnancy. This is completely wrong as we do not know what situation she is in, hence judging anyone is wrong. Also, it is not a shameful situation as it is a decision of women, whether to continue with the pregnancy or not.

Let’s people know there are many

There are a number of situations that make women opt for an abortion and it is not easy for women. A number of women do not talk about their abortion as they feel people might judge. But do you know, just letting someone know how you dealt with a specific situation? When you share your thoughts with other women, it can be beneficial for some to know what steps are to be taken. 

Feeling better

Feeling better after having an abortion is necessary as this can help you recover soon. Some women hide about abortion, sharing it with someone, be it a partner, family or friends helps you recover soon. Be it anything, share it with the person your trust and this can help you start your life again. Sharing also helps you to feel positive and get back to regular life. 


Women today do take it to online platforms to share stories or experiences. This is one of the best ways as it can not only help the women around you, but can also help the women around the globe. Sharing your story or experience can help to know the situation you were in, the quick action that you took, and the consequences that occurred. This will not only bring your story in front of people instead it will help women to get educated regarding the effect of certain things.

After abortion care

Purchasing MTP kit and getting the pregnancy cancelled sounds so easy, but you can take social media platforms and tell women a proper description regarding what you were supposed to do, what you did, and many other things. This can also include the tips that you learned while undergoing an abortion.

Also sharing the stories helps women to know what you followed to come up from the trauma. This can help them to know the essential care that is to be taken after having an abortion.

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