Natural tips to deal with Hypothyroidism

There are several women who end up having thyroid issues due to lifestyle today they do have and various other reasons. The standard treatment for treating hypothyroidism is daily thyroid hormone replacement medication that can help. Of course, the medicaments do come with various side effects, and forgetting even a single dose can affect your health and result in other symptoms. 

Below mentioned are the reasons that cause hypothyroidism in women:
  1. Missing the nutrients in your body
  2. Stress
  3. Poor diet

The best way to treat your disorder is by sticking to natural remedies or using herbal supplements. Herbal supplements work best for women who do not respond to the medications prescribed by health care providers. 

You can consider the below mentioned natural remedies as an alternative to treatment.

Sugar-free diet

The best way to treat any disorder starts by either cutting down the consumption of sugar or limiting its consumption. Women having hypothyroidism need to ensure that they do start with small such as cutting down and then completely stop the consumption of sugar. The processed food and sugar does increase inflammation in the body. The consumption of sugar leads to inflammation and this can slow down the conversion of T4 to triiodothyronine which is another hormone. This can worsen the condition and hence this is the reason behind women recommended to avoid the consumption of the sugar. 

It’s not easy but starts with a minimum and you can get effective results. 

Gluten-free diet

Hypothyroidism needs to have a proper diet and certain things are to be cut down from your diet to get the desired results. Adopting a gluten-free diet is something that can benefit women. The women having thyroid disorder are likely to have the celiac disorder and this disorder triggers an immune system in the small intestine. Though there are some of the drawbacks of choosing a gluten-free diet, but you can keep altering your diets and this can work in your favour. 


There is a link between the small intestine and the hypothyroidism. The probiotic supplements can help the lively bacteria keep your stomach and intestine be healthy. Besides supplements, you can also consume fermented foods, drinks, and yogurt that are useful and beneficial for your health. There are no such approved that are approved and hence, you can seek the remedies from your health care provider. 

Vitamin B

Taking certain supplements can help you have an effect on your health. Low thyroid hormones can affect the Vitamin B-12 levels in your body. Consuming B-12 Vitamin supplements can help you repair the damage that is caused due to Hypothyroidism. 

Vitamin B-12 can help to eliminate the tiredness caused due to hypothyroidism. Sometimes hypothyroidism can also cause a drop in Vitamin B-1 level. 

Below mentioned foods are likely to have more Vitamin B content and can be consumed:

  1. Eggs
  2. Milk
  3. Peas and beans
  4. Sesame seeds
  5. Asparagus
  6. Tuna
  7. Cheese

Vitamin B-12 is generally safe for the health of women and you can consume it only you consult your health care provider. 

The above mentioned are some of the natural remedies that you can stick to but ensure that you do check them once with your health care provider.

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