Calcium-rich diet to include while you’ve constipation during pregnancy

Various issues during pregnancy are likely to occur and seeking or being constantly in touch with their doctor is necessary. While there are so many things that one needs to deal with, one of the constant issues that affect is constipation. There’s nothing worrisome about constipation, but this is likely to cause pressure and hence women tend to feel worrisome about that.

There are certain things that are likely to help during pregnancy and one of them is a calcium-rich diet.

Calcium is one of the important factors that ensure the proper development of the teeth and bones of a baby. Hence, if you have a deficiency simply seek help and do use the right remedies that help you. 

Necessity of calcium

Calcium strengthens bones and teeth in a baby as well as functions to contribute to the development of the heart and muscle. If a mother doesn’t get enough calcium, it is directly going to affect the baby's needs. The main development begins during the 3rd trimester and a baby requires 250 to 350 milligrams of calcium transferred.

If deficiency of calcium occurs, this is likely to cause conditions such as brittle bone in an infant.

How much calcium is required for a pregnant woman?

A pregnant woman needs to consume 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. If a woman is younger or nearly 18 years, consuming 1300 grams per day is recommended.

Most of the prenatal vitamins that are recommended for women during pregnancy do not contain enough calcium, hence you need to look after the consumption of calcium.

Few dietary changes such as adding a scoop of plain low-fat yogurt or sprinkling it over the food, skim mozzarella are the best way to increase the intake of calcium.

Best calcium-rich foods to consume during pregnancy

Another good source of calcium is milk. The number of women who cannot consume milk straight away hence is recommended to indulge in the consumption of smoothie and soup. If you can’t stand milk, do consider the consumption of yogurt. You can directly consume yogurt from the container or top it with fruits and consume it.

Even the consumption of cheese delivers a strong dose of minerals. You can simply add Parmesan to your pasta, and this works well. Well, if you want to know about a more calcium-rich diet you can consider the foods mentioned below.

  1. Plain low-fat yogurt 
  2. Calcium-fortified soy milk
  3. Low-fat buttermilk
  4. Skimmed milk
  5. Cottage cheese
  6. Cheddar cheese
  7. One considers the use of calcium supplements during pregnancy as this helps you well. 

Easy diet tips

Women can consider a few small tips that work well and include,

Treat yourself

Do consider adding ice cream or yogurt to your diet. This is something that you can treat yourself with as well this helps to intake good calcium too.

Top it with cheese

Adding cheese to your diet is something that helps to improve your health and is a good source of calcium. 

Add it as a snack

Add any dairy product to your snack, this enriches the calcium deficiency in women.

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