Low Bodyweight- Reasons, causes and remedies

Being underweight is something that can affect your menstrual period and delay it due to which women do have to deal with various things. Women with obesity or women who’re underweight are likely to have late menstrual periods. Sometimes, ovulation is such unexpected that women do land in problems such as unplanned pregnancy. Women with unwished gestation can simply buy Mifeprex and get rid of the gestation. Hence, it is recommended that one does know the right BMI of body. 

Risks of being underweight

Not all people who are underweight are likely to experience the symptoms. Below mentioned are some of the risks that can be experienced by women if they are underweight. 

Getting sick frequently

If a person doesn’t get enough energy then maintaining a healthy diet is necessary. To get the right nutrients it is necessary that one must consume a proper diet. The person following a proper diet is likely to feel less ill, and the immune system might not drain again and again. 


Women are likely to have anemia mostly and women with anemia are likely to have low blood counts, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue. 

Impaired growth

A developing body requires nutrients and being underweight doesn’t let you get enough nutrients. Women with no proper nutrient consumption can lead to impaired growth.

Feeling tired all the time

Calories are the measurement that helps you get energy. Certain food helps you get energy and not getting enough of nutrients can make a person feel fatigued. 

Causes of being underweight

Below mentioned are a few reasons due to which women are underweight

High metabolism

If a woman does have a high metabolism, gaining weight is not possible.

Mental illness

The effect on mental health does affect the physical health of a person. Women who have mental illness are not likely to eat that is filling and are likely to not gain weight. 

Frequent physical activity

Athletes or people who perform physical activities frequently or those who indulge in strenuous exercise frequently are also likely to not gain weight. 

Family history

Due to the genes of a family, a few women do have a naturally low BMI. 

How to deal with underweight issues?

The healthiest way to gain weight is simply by altering some diet. Adding some of the items to your diet can help women to gain weight. The below mentioned tips can help you put on some weight and maintain good health. 

Consuming several meals in a day

Be it underweight or overweight, consuming several meals is the best option. Breaking your meals into small meals can help you shed as well as gain weight depending upon what you consume. 

Incorporating certain foods

Adding certain food such as whole-grain toast, nut butter, salad, soups, and many others can help to gain some weight. 

Avoid consuming empty calories

Consuming high-calorie food can help you gain weight, but they also contain an excess of fats that affects the heart health and blood vessels in the human body. A woman is recommended to limit the food that contains sugar and salt. 

If you’re someone who is looking to gain some weight and you do not understand, simply choose to seek advice from the health care provider.

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