Can Anemia be managed with some remedies?

Women do have to deal with various difficulties. Be it mental, physical, or related to the reproductive organ. Women usually do land in problems such as unplanned gestation, but they can get rid of such situations simply by purchasing online MTP kit tablets. Well, having an abortion is a different issue, but what if women continue with the pregnancy?

Well, be it continuing or discontinuing women do have to deal with lots of issues and one such problem is anemia.

Anemia is actually taken lightly but is a cause of concern and women need to be a bit serious about this disorder. 


To make this term simpler, it is a condition wherein your body has fewer red blood cells and this usually indicates a deficiency of iron. Initially, when such disorder occurs, women can simply choose to increase the intake of iron-rich food. Usually, there are three types of anemia and include faulty or decreased red blood cell productions, blood loss, or destruction of red blood cells.

Well, the treatment is never suggested to the patient unless the underlying condition is not known. 

Women having anemia are recommended to undergo some blood tests and this helps the health care provider to know about the anemia. Some of the other tests that help to know about the condition include,

  • Level of folate and vitamins that help to produce the red blood cell in the body.
  • Complete blood count helps to know the hemoglobin content, volume, number, and size of the red blood cells.
  • If a woman does have hemolytic anemia, then the Reticulocyte count, blood and urine tests, bilirubin tests are done to know how quickly your blood cells are made in the body.
  • Special blood tests to know the rare reasons behind having anemia.
  • There are rare cases when the health care provider might remove the samples from bone marrow and know the reasons behind anemia.

What treatment is recommended to women with Anemia?

The health care provider will first know the underlying condition and then choose the right treatment that helps the patient to recover

Anemia that occurs due to blood loss

There are situations wherein blood loss in large volume occurs and it becomes difficult for women to manage any activity. When such conditions occur, women are recommended with blood transfusion, fluids, oxygen, and other possible ways that help to improve the iron in the body. Sometimes the conditions are worse and the health care provider needs to stop the blood loss and provide the right treatment.

Anemia that occurs due to decreased red blood cell

The type of treatment for such disorder completely depends upon the cause of decreased production of red blood cells.

Preventing Anemia

Well, there are certain cases wherein you can prevent the condition and some of the tips that might help you include,

  • Ask your health care provider regarding the use of Vitamin C supplements. This helps to improve the absorption of iron.
  • Vegetarians can consult the nutritionist and know about the diet.
  • Selected iron-rich food that helps to replenish the deficiency.
  • Decrease the consumption of caffeine products such as tea.

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