How to deal with PCOS and get it cured to a great extend?

The ends number of females have PCOS and dealing with them is still a dream for a few women. There are meds available for PCOS, but they might work for a particular period. You need to completely rely on these meds to get this disorder treated. This is nothing but a hormonal issue that doesn’t get cured completely. Though the exact medicaments are not available. Whatever is available cannot cure this disorder. To manage PCOS using natural remedies is something that proves to be helpful.

Many times, women do end up with a myth that having PCOS can completely make you infertile. No, you can conceive, but still, the chances are low. There are women who end up trying and land in an unplanned pregnancy. Such women are recommended to buy Abortion Pills, but women with PCOS are recommended to seek advice from health care providers while they’re conceived.

Below mentioned are some of the natural remedies that work in favour of women. 

Decrease AGEs

The Advanced Glycation End is known as AGEs. When there is an increase in AGEs, the risk of having PCOS increases. AGEs are a compound wherein the glucose of the body binds with proteins and contribute to other degenerative disorder or aging. The studies concluded that women with PCOS who cut down dietary AGEs are likely to experience a decline in insulin level.

Look after the calories

Everything that is being consumed should be taken care of. As per the studies, the consumption of calories does have an effect on the insulin level, glucose, and testosterone levels in the body. The lower level of insulin can help women to deal with infertility issues. You simply need to look after what you consume. It was studied that women who keep control on the consumption of calories had dropped the insulin level, as well as the testosterone level in the body, was decreased by 50%.

Consume enough of magnesium

Several women who have PCOS, it was studied that the symptoms of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome occurred. This disorder can increase the chance of having diabetes or stroke. Women with a low level of magnesium were further associated with diabetes. Hence, women are advised that the consumption of magnesium should be increased.

Consume Omega-3

Fish oils have their own benefits and work to improve the health of a person. Who has thought that it can even help to treat the PCOS in women? The consumption of Omega-3 can decrease the androgen level in women and this concentration of the testosterone has also decreased due to which women are likely to get some of the complications sorted.

Increase the intake of Vitamin D and calcium

PCOS can increase the chances of having menstrual abnormalities and many other problems related to menstruation. A study was conducted on 100 women wherein Metformin was given to the women. This is a med that contains calcium and Vitamin D and the results were astonishing. The improvement in BMI, menstrual symptoms, and many other disorders.

Increase chromium

Chromium is a mineral in our body that helps to regulate insulin and blood sugar in the body. The blood glucose level due to chromium gets reduced and you’re less likely to have diabetes. The decrease in the level was helping to reduce the sugar level, whereas the metformin was reducing the testosterone level in women's bodies. This in combination worked amazingly and helps the number of women to reduce the risk or complications.

Women with PCOS need to know that using any remedy or medicament might not work for them. Instead, natural remedies, lifestyle changes, and small alterations to the diet can help them.

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