What justified reasons are concealed behind abortion?

There are several debates which take place between pro-choice and pro-life. Certain states have permitted women to make the use of Abortion Pills whereas certain states do not allow women to have an abortion. Some states do have a belief that abortion kills a life, whereas some states suspect that abortion is a complete right of the women. Sometimes there are conditions wherein the life of women is at risk and women must have an abortion. 

Why do women wish to end her pregnancy?

A female may sometimes wish to end her pregnancy due to some of the other strong reasons. Normally the decision of abortion is not easy and choosing abortion over the continuation of the pregnancy is one of the difficult situations. Sometimes there is no choice left with the women and the only thing which can help is abortion. Hence, to save the life of women and not forcing parenting, it is necessary that women must be allowed to have access to Abortion Pills online and abortion centers. 

Following are some of the concealed reasons due to which women do prefer to have an abortion:

Sexual abuse

Rape is one of the most known and prime reasons for women having an abortion. A woman who gets pregnant due to sexual abuse may wish to get rid of the pregnancy as soon as possible. Due to the rape, the strains of emotional response trigger and interfere with life. Also, some women during the tender age have to face this problem and due to health conditions, it is not possible to continue with the pregnancy. Due to the sexual abuse being the reason some of the state’s law relaxes and permits the women to have a safe abortion.


Pregnancy is a sensitive case and it is necessary that throughout the pregnancy the health of the fetus and mother are well. Sometimes the health of women gets affected and sometimes the health of fetus gets affected and both may be in critical situations. While such is event woman is asked to have an abortion so that this condition does not be life-threatening for women. 

Fetal deformity

It is necessary that throughout the pregnancy the baby is being diagnosed properly. If while diagnosing it is discovered that the baby does have birth defects, then in some of the state’s women are given the right to decide to keep the pregnancy or discontinue it. If the case is wherein the baby may die soon after birth, then women are asked to have an abortion rather than continuing the pregnancy. 

Accidental pregnancy

There are several contraceptives which can be used, but sometimes even after making the use of contraceptives, women do end up having a pregnancy. Such pregnancies are termed as accidental pregnancies and if the age of women is above 30-35 years, then they are asked to seek help from a health care provider as this can result in complications. Hence, while women do land in problems such as unplanned pregnancy, they do prefer to buy online MTP kit and get the pregnancy terminated easily. 

Other than the above-mentioned causes there are also many other common reasons such as the financial condition of the person, career growth in some women is important and many other reasons due to which omen do prefer to abort the pregnancy rather than continuing with the pregnancy.

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