Know the features of Emergency birth control pills

A lot of women do have great confusion with emergency contraceptive pills, online Abortion Pills birth control remedies. While they are simple terms no woman should confuse.

If you’re someone who is yet confused, then check the blog below and know about the difference amongst the tablets.

Emergency contraceptive pills

This tablet is the one that can be used if you fail to use birth control pills or any protection while having sexual intimacy. To make it simple, when you do indulge in unprotected sexual intimacy, you are guided to use emergency contraceptive pills. There is one simple condition to use this med, you need to use these tablets within 72 hours of having sexual intimacy.

Abortion Pills

This is one of the safest and trusted way that can help you deal with the unwished situation. Women who land in pregnancy can make use of an online MTP kit and get rid of gestation during the initial days. The condition here is, your length of pregnancy should not exceed more than 9 weeks.

Birth control remedies

This is the only method that can help you avoid getting into a situation such as unwished gestation. These tablets are recommended by your health care provider to avoid pregnancy and regularize your menstrual period.

Features of using emergency contraceptives

While you're recommended to make use of emergency contraceptive pills you need to learn about the positives and negatives of tablets. Below mentioned are some of the features of Emergency contraceptive pills that can help you decide whether you can use the meds or not.

It fails to work if a woman is a pregnancy already

Women who are pregnant need to know that emergency contraceptive pills do not work. These tablets are effective and work only if you haven't conceived yet. After conceiving using these tablets may not help you. Hence, if during intercourse, you feel that you have had unprotected intimacy, then simply choose to use within 72 hours of indulging in intimacy.

The Emergency tablets don't provide any protection from sexually transmitted infections

The use of Emergency contraceptive tablets does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. Women who repeatedly indulge in sexual intimacy with a different partner every time are likely to have sexually transmitted infections. The use of Emergency contraceptive tablets may not help you protect from the STDs.

Even after using contraceptives, there are still chances of getting pregnant.

Even after making use of Emergency contraceptive tablets women are likely to land in an unplanned pregnancy. If you fail to use it within prescribed times, then you’re likely to land in a problem such as unwished gestation. Hence, do try that you do use the Emergency contraceptive tablets within 48 hours.

If women do use Emergency contraceptive pills then you’re likely to have few drawbacks. Women are guided that they do choose the right contraceptive that helps to get rid of the gestation. You might likely experience delays in menstrual periods even. Hence, do not worry and seek help from health care providers to know its effect on your body.

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