Know the possible reasons behind Late Menstrual periods

When it comes to menstrual periods, women do get a bit hesitant and frighten about the later menstrual period. Missed periods or late menstrual periods can occur due to the end number of reasons. Most of the women do have a misunderstanding that having a late or missed menstrual period indicates pregnancy. Of course, it can but only if you have had indulged in sexual intimacy. Women with pregnancy can opt for the use of Abortion Pills online and get rid of the gestation.

Below mentioned are a few reasons that lead to late menstrual periods. 


Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a condition that increases the male hormones in a woman’s body. Cysts formed on the ovaries are a symptom that indicates hormonal imbalance. Women having PCOS are likely to have irregular menstruation.

Also, other hormones such as insulin can affect the hormones of a person. Treatment for PCOS can help women to treat the disorder effectively. One must follow all the measures provided by the health care provider and seek effective treatment for PCOS treatment.

Birth control

Few women are put on birth control tablets. Going on and off birth control tablets can increase the chances of having irregular periods. The birth control pills tablets contain estrogen and progestin and this helps to prevent the release of eggs. After making use of birth control tablets, it takes at least 6 months to regularize your menstrual periods.

Thyroid issues

Out of 10, at least 6 women who have late menstrual periods are likely to have thyroid issues. Having underactive or overactive thyroid issues can also lead to issues such as missed or late menstrual periods. The thyroid regulates the metabolism in the body and hence the hormone level in the body gets affected. Thyroid issues can also lead to many other issues such as the obesity issue. Once you get your thyroid issues treated, you’re likely to get your menstrual periods regular.

Low body weight

Women with an eating disorder are likely to experience missed periods. Due to improper eating habits such as bulimia and anorexia nerves, women are likely to have low weight and this can alter the way the body functions, and the ovulation gets stopped. You can seek help from the health care provider and try to gain the required weight that helps to maintain weight and get your periods again on track.


One of the most common problems that can be experienced by people is stress. Stress does take a toll on the woman’s body and does affect the menstrual periods. To regulate your menstrual periods, it is necessary that you must practice the methods that can help to relieve stress. Once your stress gets relieved, you are likely to get your periods.


Overweight or underweight are the common issues that can be experienced by women and even obesity have the ability to disturb your menstrual periods. Maintaining the right weight is the best way that can help to get your regular menstrual period. If you conclude that obesity is an issue then try some remedies that can help you deal with obesity and late menstrual periods.

Out of all the possible reasons, even if one does suit then do choose to seek medical help and choose the right treatment. If you think pregnancy is a reason, choose to go for online Cytotec and get the termination done at home corners.

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