A different technique to use Cytotec Abortion Pill

Usually, women are aware of the online Abortion Pills and the various types of med which are available in the market. Women need to make sure that they do follow the proper instructions which can help women to end the unsuccessful pregnancy. Also, there is the reason behind women making the use of pregnancy termination pills. The use of Abortion Pills in combination is one of the best methods which brings in the hormonal changes and helps women get the successful results of abortion.

A number of pills which can be used for abortion

When women do make the use of the combination of pills, women need to use 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Cytotec. If women are asked to make the use of the only Cytotec pills then the dose increases to 12 pills, each of 200mcg. When women do wish to make use of this termination pill she needs to ensure that her gestation period is up to 9 weeks.

Women only need to take care that the pills are administrated in a right manner and help women to end the pregnancy successfully. When women do prefer to have an abortion, there are two methods that can be used by women to end the pregnancy.

Below given are the methods which can help women to administrate the pills and end the pregnancy effectively.


While women wish to administrate the pills vaginally she needs to follow the below-given instructions

  1. Empty the bladder
  2. Sit or squat or stand in a comfortable position
  3. Insert the pills one by one (at a time only one pill)
  4. Carefully push the pill with the help of index finger


  • Drink water
  • Administrate the pills in the cheek pouches
  • Keep two pills on each side
  • Let the pills remain in place for 30 minutes as they take time to get dissolved with saliva.
  • Gulp the remainders after half an hour

Both the methods of administrating the pills are equally effective and helps women to end the pregnancy. When women do administrate the pills buccally there are chances that this pill may fall off due to vomiting.

Hence, women are mostly recommended that they do administrate the pills vaginally.

How do the Cytotec pills work and help women to end the pregnancy?

Cytotec order online which takes around 3-24 hours so that it can help women to end the pregnancy. When these Abortion Pills are placed they help to contract the uterus and dilate the cervix and this helps to dispel the fetus from the body. Women start to experience the bleeding and cramping after a few hours of administration.

What happens if women do not bleed after using Cytotec?

As said earlier, after the use of the Cytotec pill online you can start to bleed within 24 hours. If the pregnancy contents do not pass within 24 hours or you do not experience bleeding, then you need to seek medical help. If the dose is not enough, then you may be suggested to repeat the dose of the Cytotec pill.

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