Why should one speak about the abortion stories and share about it?

The recent trend is people today do share each and everything via social media. This shows the support of people to each other and at times such stories do help one to walk on the path. There are a number of women who share their abortion stories and at times celebrities do also share their abortion stories. This shows that everyone in this world is the same. Be it any method of abortion, it is very difficult for women to deal with such conditions. The reason behind women doing abortion inrush is due to the perception of society.

This blog can help one to know why one must talk about abortion.

It is not shameful

Today society needs to understand that unintended pregnancy is normal and there is nothing shameful about this. No woman wants to end the pregnancy purposely. Usually, the situation around women makes her end the undesired pregnancy and start with the new life.

I am with you and also like you

When you tell about your abortion stories on platforms like social media then this helps hundreds of women to know that they are even like you. Those women who have an abortion after coming across your stories can help to understand that they are not alone. One can get emotional support and also you can help to know about the abortion process.


When you speak via online platforms you can reach a wide number of people who struggle to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Especially if women cannot afford to have a surgical abortion, then you can let them know about the online MTP kit and the use of these meds as this is one of the affordable methods to have an abortion. Also letting other women know to abort the use of the process can help a lot.

Feel better

When you reach out to your partner and share about the abortion, then it can help you and him to come across this phase. In case if you do not have a partner, then you can talk about this to someone whom you trust. While you get through the process of abortion you need to be strong emotionally so that it can help to recover soon after the abortion. In the case of medical abortion, it takes two weeks so that the process gets completed and Women can get back to normal.

Care about abortion to be taken

Though medical abortion is easy to process women need to make sure that they do understand the process. Women who understand the whole process can follow the instructions and get the abortion done successfully. The process of abortion doesn’t get completed only by administrating Abortion Pills online. But women also have to deal with bleeding and cramping as well as other side effects which do occur.

One must make sure that she knows about the whole process which helps to end the pregnancy. Also, certain measures such as avoiding the use of tampons and avoiding the consumption of alcohol, smoke, and magnesium should be avoided.

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