Is it possible for women to get pregnant during menstruation?

An unwanted pregnancy always stands to be a problem in the life of women. Though it is very easy to get the online abortion pills women do always prefer to avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion. Hence the best method which can help women avoid pregnancy is birth control pills or knowing when is the fertile period so that you can avoid sexual intercourse during a specific time.

In a female body, ovulation does occur when the mature eggs get released from the ovaries. Eggs get mature a month ago and when they are released, they do pass from a Fallopian tube towards the uterus and these eggs are viable for 12-24 hours after they leave the ovaries. The sperms which are released in the body stay active in the body for 5 days after having intercourse.

If women have sexual intimacy towards the end of the menstruation period, then there are high chances of getting pregnant. On the contrary, if women do have sexual intercourse right before the period, then there are low chances of having a pregnancy.

Tracking the fertile window

This is a lengthy process and one needs to record the monthly cycle to figure out the fertile window.

Following things are to be done so that it can help to track the fertile window

  1. For 8-12 months do keep a track of the menstrual cycle. Know when the menstrual cycle has started and counted the total number of days in the cycle.
  2. Write down the longest and shortest number of days from your tracking
  3. To know the first day of your fertile window subtract 18 days from the longest cycle.
  4. To know the last day of your fertile window subtract 11 days from the shortest cycle.
  5. The period between both the dates is your fertile window and during this period one need to avoid having sexual activity.

Having unprotected sex while having periods decreases the probability of pregnancy. This is uncertain as in certain cases this may not work due to which women are asked to avoid sexual intimacy.

Tracking the ovulation period and determining the fertile window is the best method that helps to reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

At times women do make the use of the contraceptives and still, they land in an issue such as pregnancy. Hence, women must know when to get into sexual intercourse and when not.

Even though women online buy Mifeprex and Misoprostol pill women do not wish to willingly land in a problem such as unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy prevention is the best method that can help to avoid the situation.

Birth control pills are the best option as well as abortion pills so that it can help to avoid pregnancy. Typically, when you have such much confusion about the menstrual period and the pregnancy, you seek the right solution to avoid the pregnancy. Every health care provider suggests women make use of contraceptives so that the unplanned pregnancy can be avoided.

Hence, while will menstruation make sure that you do avoid to have intercourse as there can be a higher risk of infection. Also, if you wish to have sexual intimacy during menstruation, then do once seek a consultation from the health care provider.

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