Safety and measures related to abortion

Abortion in simple words means ending an existing pregnancy with the help of various methods. Usually when women do prefer to have an abortion with the help of meds, chemical or surgery. Before a woman does give birth to the child, she has to go wait for 9 months and 10 days. Before delivery, a termination can be performed at any time. As the gestation period of the pregnancy increases the complications also increases.

This blog can help one to know about the precautions and safety, which are to be taken while on this Abortion Pills

While performing the surgical abortion process, there are no such criteria. Only women need to get the basic health requirement checked with the health care provider. But in case if women do prefer to have a medical abortion, then there are a number of conditions that women need to follow.

Following are a few criteria and conditions which do not let women order Abortion Pills online

  • Women who have pregnancy wherein the fetus grows outside the uterus need to avoid the use of these meds.
  • Women must not be allergic to the elements of MTP kit pills as well the age of women should not be more than 35 years. 
  • While terminating the pregnancy with the help of meds the gestation period of pregnancy mustn't exceed 10 weeks.
  • Women who suffer medical conditions related to liver, kidney, heart and adrenal disorder should avoid the use of the pill. 
  • Women who wish to make the use of the MTP kit need to check that they do not have diabetes, hypertension or uterine complications.


  1. Before women do undergo an abortion, it is mandatory that she is aware of the process and what can be expected after having an abortion
  2. Women who wish to have an abortion must speak to the health care provider and get all the answers related to the abortion questions. Before signing any document related to Patient Agreement Form women are asked to understand the terms successfully. 
  3. In case if women are undergoing surgical abortion, then do know the protocols of the clinic. If women are undergoing medical abortion, then do make sure that you do read the medical guide properly.
  4. Get necessary tests done such as ultrasound tests, hormones, and blood tests. Make sure that you do have a routine check-up with the health care provider.
  5. If you do develop any allergies, then do bring this to the notice of your health care provider. Also, do let the health care provider know about the prescribed or non-prescribed meds which one does use.
  6. Let the health care provider know about the medical conditions and present them with the prescription of the same. This can help your health care provider to know whether you can be prescribed with the online MTP kit or not.

Women must have an idea about abortion safety and measures so that it can help to avoid complications. Women also need to take care of small things while women have an abortion.

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