Feasible reasons behind women having delayed menstruation

For most of the women delayed menstruation means pregnancy. However, always pregnancy cannot be the only reason behind women having a delayed pregnancy.  Be it any reason delayed menstruation always is an alarming health concern for women.

This blog helps women to know the various reasons which can affect the menstruation in women. Though women can order online Abortion Pills and have an abortion, women are not educated enough to know about the available options.

This blog can help one to know about the possible reason behind having delayed menstruation. This lets you know when is it necessary to seek medical help in case if you have delayed menstruation. 

Following are few reasons due to which women delay menstruation


Stress can affect the hormones and this is one of the reasons behind having delayed menstruation. Women those who have such altered hormones can face this problem. The alteration in hormones has an impact on the brain, which helps to regulate the menstrual. In case if you do have anxiety, then this can also be the reason behind having delayed periods. As a solution to this issue, one can simply bring a slight change in the lifestyle and get indulged in things which can help to heal from stress.

Low body weight

An eating disorder such as Nervosa and bulimia can lead to the problem such as delayed menstruation. Even if the weight of the body is low that the normal height and age, then this can affect your menstrual cycle which can disturb the ovulation pattern. This issue is common in people those who indulge in excessive exercise.


Obesity is when the women have gained a lot of weight and this can have an effect on the health of the women. When women do have an extreme weight gain, then this can have an impact on the menstrual cycle of women. For women, those who have such issues can alter the diet and follow some of the instructions which can help to maintain a proper menstruation cycle.


This is a condition wherein the female body does produce excessive male hormones.  This has an effect on the hormonal balance and forms the cysts on the ovaries and eventually, this leads to irregular menstruation in women.

Other cases

Other than the mentioned cases few are different and it is necessary that women must have an idea about them.
  1. Birth control pills
  2. Diagnosed with a certain chronic disorder
  3. Premenopause phase
  4. Thyroid issues
Do look for the following symptoms
  • Sickness during menstruation
  • Unusual heavy bleeding
  • Vomiting and continued nauseous feeling
  • Menstruation which lasts for more than 6-7 days

If you come across any change in menstrual pattern then you are advised to seek help from the health care provider. Before you do get to any conclusion do make sure that you do check with your health care provider. In case if you have pregnancy then you can order Cytotec online and get the pregnancy terminated. In case if pregnancy is not diagnosed then women need to know the reason behind delayed menstruation and get the pregnancy.

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