The precise solution to get the pregnancy terminated- Cytotec

While pregnancy is a beautiful phase, termination is one of the biggest fear of women. Women need to check with the gestation period about the criteria and other things even if she wishes to continue with the pregnancy or abort the pregnancy. Women those who wish to have an abortion need to buy online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated. The pills which are provided to the women are verified by the FDA and helps women to deal with the unplanned pregnancy.

When it comes to abortion, women are made available with two different pills. One pill contains anti-progesterone elements and another pill contains prostaglandin elements. The elements in both these pills are the best options which can help women to get the pregnancy terminated.

Using Abortion Pills

Mifepristone is the first pill which is used to have an abortion and this MEDs contains anti-progesterone elements. This element in the termination pills works on the progesterone hormones, which are essential for the growth of the pregnancy.  Once this Abortion Pill is administrated it helps women to get the fetus separated from the uterus. If you are using a combination of pills then it is mandatory that before the Cytotec pill online you do administrate this MED to get the pregnancy terminated.

To administrate the Cytotec pill after the administration of the Mifepristone pill, it is necessary that one must wait for 24 hours. This Abortion Pill helps women to contract the uterus and dilate the cervix so that it can help to get the fetus dispelled from the body.

Number of pills

When these Abortion Pills are used in combination, the doses vary as compared to the doses which are used while using the singular pill.

Combination of pills:

  • 1 pill of Mifepristone 200mg
  • 4 pills of Cytotec each of 200 mcg.

Singular pill:

  1. If Mifepristone used alone: 3 pills each of 200 mg
  2. If Cytotec is used alone: 12 pills each of 200 mcg.

Administration process of Abortion Pills

The anti-progesterone pills are to be used with a glass of water so that it can contribute to ending the pregnancy. 

When women do buy online Cytotec pill they must be aware of both the methods which help to end the pregnancy. Cytotec pill is either used buccally or vaginally and both methods are trusted as well tested.


While administrating the pill buccally women need to make sure that they do administrate the pill in cheek pouches. These pills are to be dissolved in the mouth so that they do start the work once they get into the blood.


While administrating the pills vaginally women are asked to place the pills in the vagina with the help of fingers. These pills are to be placed deep in the vagina so that it can work on the expelling the fetus. 


Those women who make the use of Abortion Pills need to make sure that they do know about all the measures which can help them deal with this unplanned pregnancy. Following are a few measures which can help women to deal with the recovery process.

  • Women need to avoid the consumption of alcohol, grapefruit juice, magnesium, and smoke. 
  • Women need to ensure that physical activity or sexual activity is being reduced or deducted from the schedule.
  • Women need to make sure that sanitary pads are used in order to monitor the bleeding and avoid the risk of having an infection caused due to the use of tampons.

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