The link between alcohol, smoking, and pregnancy

Boozing and smoking have become a part of a stressed life. Today, even women are likely to have this habit. However, women, those are conceiving, those who are pregnant or those who wish to have an abortion are asked to avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoke. Women must have an idea of how can smoking and consumption of alcohol hurt the health of women.

Smoking and pregnancy

The consumption of alcohol a result, in low birth weight, premature birth, and fetal injury. The use of tobacco can reach the baby through the placenta and hence it is recommended to the women to avoid the consumption of the alcohol and smoke.

Nicotine in the cigarette is the one which has affected the blood flow in the body. As a result, it can affect the growth of the baby and during pregnancy; it is advised that women do avoid the use of the smoke.

Women those who order Abortion Pills online to have an abortion are asked to reduce or limit the smoking as during this time smoking can cause complications in the body.

Following are a few suggestions which are given by health care providers

  • After having pregnancy or during the time of abortion women are asked to quit smoking. 
  • To avoid being around the people those who smoke

Alcohol and pregnancy

Whatever is being consumed by the mother is consumed by the baby. The foods and the drinks which women do consume reach the baby. When this food is consumed it reaches the placenta and then in the bloodstreams of the baby. Hence, to let the baby grow properly, women must consume healthy fluids such as juices.

The consumption of alcohol can risk the life of the baby and can cause Fetal alcohol syndrome. Active consumption of alcohol can affect a baby’s intellectual, face, fingers, palate, legs, arm, etc. Also sometimes it can cause defects in the heart. In case even after having such complications, the baby does survive, then the effects can even last longer.

Most of the women to have a question time that what may happen if they consume only 1-2drinks. Even if women do consume 1-2 drinks this can affect negatively the baby. Be it during pregnancy or an abortion, women must strictly avoid the consumption of alcohol. Women those who buy online MTP kit and have an abortion also need to understand that the alcohol can interact with the pill and result in side effects.

Women need to take utmost care while they are pregnant as well as while they are supposed to have an abortion. Women must take all the measures and precautions which can help to reduce the complications during the abortion and pregnancy. Avoiding alcohol during pregnancy helps women avoid the complication in the birth of the baby, whereas avoiding alcohol during abortion helps to avoid the unusual side effects which can occur.

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