MTP kit- To Eject the fetus using key solution for unplanned pregnancy

Most of the women nowadays do prefer to have an abortion with the help of online Abortion Pills. This method is being opted by millions of the women during the early stage so that it can help to deal with the unplanned pregnancy. The process to have an abortion is easy and can be understood without any issue. One of the reasons behind women using the pills for termination is, it helps to maintain the privacy, the pregnancy gets terminated at low-cost and this process does not cause any sort of harm of to the reproductive organ of the women. 

How does this Abortion pill work for early pregnancy termination?

Following is the work process of the pills

The primary pill used is an anti-progesterone pill which is named Mifepristone. This pill from the MTP kit is mandatory is used primarily so that the pregnancy can get blocked. This pill interacts with the hormones and alters the hormones so that the fetus is not being provided with the essentials.

The secondary pill which is used is prostaglandin pill which is named Misoprostol. The elements in these pills are responsible for contracting the uterus so that the fetus can get expelled from the body. This pill works effectively so that the fetus can evict from the body so that it can result in successful abortion.

How to use the MTP kit for having an abortion?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two pills which are present in the MTP kit and this helps women to get the pregnancy terminated easily. Also, before having abortion women are recommended to make sure that the gestation period of the pregnancy is between 7-9 weeks.

Follow the process to make the safe use of the pills for the termination
  1. Check with the eligibility criteria and then make the use of the MTP kit. 
  2. Use the primary pill (Mifepristone) first with a glass of water.
  3. Wait for 24-48 hours and then make the use of the secondary pill (Misoprostol) buccally or vaginally. 
  4. After 20 days of having abortions do make sure to have an ultrasound test to confirm the results of abortion. 

What aftermaths can be experienced after using MTP kit pills?

Use of Mifepristone form MTP kit doesn’t lead to any visible side effects. Some women do have bleeding after the use of the primary pill whereas some may not experience the bleeding. After the administration of the second pill women are likely to experience the side effects such as bleeding, clotting, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and vomiting. The side effects which can be experienced are common and there are chances that these side effects can get worse at times. 

What necessary precautions should be taken while on the pill for termination?

  • Before women do buy online MTP kit, there is necessary that all the instructions are clear before making the use of this kit. 
  • Without consulting a health care provider do not let others use your MEDs or kit. 
  • Do keep the track of the MEDs that you use as certain MEDs do interact with this Abortion Pills and result in side effects. 
  • Do avoid the consumption of the alcohol and smoke as this can interact and result in side effects.

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