How is menstrual cycle post-abortion and when women need to worry?

Post-abortion women do worry about the menstrual cycle. The healing time in every case differs and also depends upon how much do you take of your body during the abortion and post-abortion. Also, it depends on the time when the process of abortion has completed. 

Women must understand the difference between bleeding after abortion and the menstrual cycle after having an abortion. After having an abortion before the 14 days of the menstrual period you may start to ovulate and hence it is difficult to know when this can occur. Hence, if during this time if you have again unprotected sexual intimacy, then you are likely to get pregnant. 

  • Menstrual cycle after abortion
  • Bleeding after abortion

After one does buy Abortion Pills, women can have bleeding for 2-6 weeks. Revival bleeding will remain heavy during the first few weeks and then it will start to diminish. 

Once the bleeding starts to begin off, then the body starts to prepare for the first periods. This process can start once you have had recovery bleeding as the hormones begin to go away first. 

First menstruation cycle after having an abortion

The majority of the women, those who have an abortion are likely to experience periods within 4-6 weeks after the abortion. In case if you are still bleeding and it has been 8 weeks or if you haven’t had a period back then you must seek help from the health care provider. This particularly can be noticed in case the symptoms of pregnancy can be experienced even after an abortion. One must have a follow up with the physician once the process of abortion gets completed. Once the process of abortion gets completed women are likely to experience the first menstruation after 4-6 weeks and make sure that you do make the use of contraceptives to avoid the pregnancy. 

How are the periods post-abortion like?

The first menstrual periods after making the use of the Mifepristone and Cytotec pill online can be heavy. The first menstrual cycle after having an abortion is heavy and the worst cramps can also be experienced. This can last for a few menstrual cycles and this is the natural way the body cleanse the tissues. 

Until you are recovered entirely completely your body is not ready to bear another pregnancy. Women are asked to wait for a few months or a year, so that it can help women recover soon after having an abortion. 

Tips for self-care after women do have an abortion

After having an abortion, one must take care of the body. Following tips can help one to heal faster and can help to deal with the first menstruation post-abortion. 

  1. Seek emotional support which can help you to deal with the feelings
  2. Rest of the time your doctor has advised you
  3. See that you do have a follow-up care
  4. Use the contraceptives which can help you to avoid pregnancy after having intercourse

Women must have an idea of what can be experienced after using Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills. Also, she can seek help from the health care provider to know about the details which can help her recover from abortion and after abortion. 

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