Not ready for child nurturing, terminate with MTP kit

When women choose to terminate the pregnancy she considers many of the things. But women choose medical termination over surgical termination as it is one of the trusted remedies to which you can stick to have a termination. Many of the women buy MTP kit online so that they can terminate the pregnancy at home corner safely. This safe abortion pills can be used only if your pregnancy gestation is below 8 weeks.

MTP kit has 5 pills- one is mifepristone 200mgand other 4 pills are of misoprostol 200mcg.

Working mechanism: The medical regimen starts by gulping one pill of this medication and this medication helps to block the progesterone hormone which makes the survival of the pregnancy part difficult. This pill as blocks the hormones it gets separated from the uterus.  After 24hours of taking the first pill i.e. mifepristone, you need to intake the second pill which is misoprostol. You need to intake 4 pills of this medication and make sure that you intake this medication by dissolving it with saliva. This medication helps to contract the uterus so that it becomes easy for the pregnancy parts to expel the pregnancy parts.

Restricted users: Women those who are allergic to this kit should make sure that they do not use this abortion pills for termination. Women who have ectopic pregnancy should strictly avoid the use of this medication. To get the abortion women having medical conditions related to heart, liver, diabetes, blood pressure, uterine rupture and intestinal infection should avoid the use of this termination pill. Even women having gestation period more than 8 weeks should avoid the access to this medication.

Side effects: After you use MTP kit it is possible that you may have the side effects like bleeding, cramping, and clotting which are the normal side effects of this medication. Some of the women may even experience the side effects like nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and diarrhea which need to be treated if they get severe. Some of the patients may even be allergic to this medication if you notice any of the allergic symptoms then you need to seek a medical help.


  1. MTP kit order online can have a rare result of the incomplete termination and this if further continued can result in birth effects. Hence you are suggested to have an ultrasound test.
  2. Some of the women order abortion pills online to get the abortion done but they do not follow the proper instructions.
  3. Many of the medications react with this pregnancy termination pill so make sure that you do not consume any of the medications that react with this drug.
  4. Alcohol and smoke should be strictly avoided so that it doesn’t react with MTP kit and result in side effect.
  5. Tampons use should be strictly avoided and uses of sanitary pads are suggested.
  6. MTP kit is the best abortion but make sure that you use it only for terminating the pregnancy at early stages.
  7. Early abortion options are the best as it helps to avoid the complications and the medical process is the best and suitable process for the pocket to have a termination.

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