Identify the difference between symptoms and side effects of abortion pills

Many of the people have a misconception regarding the medical termination. Most of the women get confused between symptoms and side effects of termination. To start with the termination regimen you need to order abortion pills online and women use medical way of terminating the pregnancy as it is cost effective as well there is no risk of infection involved. Abortion side effects vary from termination symptoms and there is a difference between it.

The medical abortion process:

Mifepristone and misoprostol are the two major termination essential pills used for the process of termination. To start the process it is important that your pregnancy gestation is below 8 weeks. You need to first gulp in mifepristone as this pill is anti- progestogen pill which is used to block the pregnancy hormones that are responsible for the survival of the pregnancy. After you use this pill you need to gulp the second pill after 24hours which is misoprostol. Misoprostol is prostaglandin analog pill of which you need to intake 4 pills. You need to intake these pills buccally and dissolve this medication with the help of saliva in the mouth. This pill helps to dispel the pregnancy parts out of the body.

Experience after you gulp abortion pills:

After you gulp mifepristone many of the women do not notice any of the visible or major changes. But after you take misoprostol bleeding and cramping may start. Bleeding and cramping are the symptoms of abortion.

After you intake abortion pills it is usual to notice bleeding and cramping. Some of the women may have bleeding after they take mifepristone whereas some may experience after taking misoprostol. There are also some of the rare cases wherein after using abortion pills women do not bleed. This case is of incomplete abortion and it is important that you have a complete termination. Bleeding is the normal symptom but if you heavy bleeding wherein you need to change more than 2 maxi- pads within an hour or 2 then it is a side effect of pregnancy termination pill.

Same way after taking pills the uterus begins to get empty due to which the cramping takes place. After using this termination pills clotting can also be experienced which is a symptom unless you pass big sized clots of lemon size and pass the clots more frequently.

Some of the other side effects that can be experienced are nausea, vomiting, continuous high fever, smelly vaginal discharge, fatigue, and diarrhea. These side effects should be treated if you immediately if you notice that these side effects are getting severe.

Many of the women buy abortion pills online but do not make a proper use of it. This medication is the safe method which can be used safely for terminating at home corners. While using this pregnancy termination pills make sure that you do not have intercourse so that you can avoid the risk of having an infection. Also, you need to look into that you have a proper diet and increase the consumption of fluid so that you can make up for the lost energy.

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