Why use two MTP kits?

Pregnancy termination or abortion is as a decision of women. Same way deciding the way of termination is also women’s choice but all this depends on the gestation period. Women terminate their pregnancy using medical termination as it is the safest way which can help you terminate the pregnancy in privacy. Women can terminate the pregnancy only if it is below 8 weeks. Yet doctors prescribe women to buy MTP kit online so that they can terminate the pregnancy even after 8 weeks.  Some of the doctors suggest ordering 2 kits to terminate the pregnancy.

As you know one MTP kit is enough for termination process still doctor suggest with two why? This has a reason and it is if your pregnancy gestation is below 8 weeks then it can be terminated with one kit and if it is above it like till 10 weeks then you need to use two kits. Hence if your gestation is above 8weeks then you need to use two kits but make sure you do it under the guidance of gynecologist.

MTP kit mostly has two major pregnancy termination pills and they are always used in combination so that you can terminate safely. The medication you need to gulp is mifepristone 200mg and this drug contains anti-progesterone elements which help to block the pregnancy hormones. This medication should be taken first from the kit. Some women may start to bleed whereas the others may require the second pill. By maintaining the gap of 24 hours you need to take the second pill misoprostol 200mcg. These pills are taken buccally and 4 pills of this medication can be taken at a time. This medication contains prostaglandin element which contracts the uterus and expels the fetus. You may also experience cramp for 1 or 2 days.

After using this abortion pill it is common to experience nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and diarrhea. All these side effects will go after the process gets completed. You need to worry if they last for a long time. If you do not notice any bleeding after using MTP kit then you need to use the second one. The regimen should be followed the same as the first one.  If you are using two kits then make sure that you use it under doctor’s supervision. Some of the women who have medical issues are restricted to use this pregnancy termination pills.  After using abortion pills it is normal that women may feel weak and to avoid the symptoms of dehydration, she should intake plenty of fluids. Consuming healthy diet can help you to again make up for the lost blood.

An ultrasound is suggested after two weeks of using this abortion pills. If you have bleeding after using the first MTP kit then you are suggested not to use the second one to avoid the overdose of medication.  Alcohol and tobacco should be strictly avoided so that you do not have any of the side effects. Also, intercourse and physical labor involvement should be not included for two weeks.

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