Termination or abortion is a single way which can help you to end an unwanted pregnancy. This is the only way which can help you to terminate the pregnancy before it survives. Women buy mifegest kit online so that they can terminate the pregnancy during the early stage. This is one of the trusted remedies which can terminate the pregnancy during the first trimester. Not only during termination but also after termination you need to take some care of yourself.

Following are some of the tips which can help you to take care of abortion process:

Bleeding after abortion:

                  After termination, it is possible that women may bleed. During this time it is normal that you may notice bleeding and clots. Light bleeding is normal but if you notice clots passing for continuous 2 hours then you should make sure that you seek a medical help. If you notice that your bleeding soaks more than2 sanitary pads within an hour then to you must make sure that you consult a gynecologist. Consulting a doctor once is one of the important things which some of the people consider useless.

Sex after abortion:

         After termination, it is important that you skip having intercourse for 2 weeks. Having intercourse during this time without contraceptives can again result in pregnancy. Most doctors ask to avoid it so that you do not have to face the risk of infection as well also helps to have a quick recovery. Even your plan for conceiving should be after one year of having termination so that uterus gets strong enough to carry the child.

Follow- up exam:

           After two weeks of termination, it is important that you should undergo ultrasound so that you can confirm that your pregnancy is terminated completely. Follow up helps you to know the progress of healing process. Hence it is important that you should go for a follow up after termination.

Rest and recovery:

             After termination process, it is important you rest so that healing process is eased. For the fast recovery, it is important that you avoid exercise, intercourse and been involved in physical labor. During termination, you should have a healthy diet and should drink plenty of fluids so that you can make up for the lost blood and can help in recovering fast.

Exercise after termination:

               After an abortion, you should make sure that you do not perform the exercise for 2 weeks. Performing exercise can slow down the healing as well it may also make you sometimes bleed heavily. Even you should also avoid carrying your pets or baby. Indulging in physical labor can affect the strain on the uterus and makes you bleed.

Dealing with emotion:

                 Most of the women after termination get relived. And even some women may find it difficult to deal with emotion. Stress, anxiety, guiltiness and sadness are the emotion faced during a post-abortion period. After termination, it sometimes becomes necessary for the patient to seek counseling so that it can help you to come up with your overwhelmed feeling.  

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