Food to be avoided during menstruation

Menstruation cycle or periods as known is nothing but the eggs are been released from the women’s body in the form of bleeding. Menstruation lasts for 3, 5 or 7 days depending on your body. Periods occur on monthly basis and are mostly accompanied by cramping and clotting. This is the normal symptoms but if you come across any of the unusual symptoms then make sure that you see a gynecologist. The pain and cramp you face during this time can get worse if you intake some of the food.  Your diet, exercise, and sleep can help you to relax during this menstrual cycle.

Following are the foods that you should avoid if you have periods:

  • Refined food:

                     Refined foods are made of simple carbohydrates that your body can burn easily due to which you may feel hungry. Many of the refined foods contain sugar and it which leads to mood swings and fatigue. Plus there are added salts, chemicals and artificial flavors added to this food which should be avoided during this time. During periods make sure to avoid such food and have whole grain and eat organic.

  • Salty food:

             Due to the menstrual cycle, you lose water retention and bloating. So consuming less salt can help you to sort this problem out.  Consuming too much of salt can make your fluids imbalance and may lead to swelling, higher blood pressure and dread bloating. So make sure that you avoid salty snacks, pickles, readymade sauces like soya sauce and smoked canned meat.  Make sure that you have a healthy fresh food and you can add light spices to it so that it helps you to be ease during periods.

  • Sugary foods:

               Mood swings and anxiety are usually faced during this period. Having sugary and sweet food can make you more stressed and anxious. Sugary food though boosts up your energy still plummets the sugar level due to which you may even feel worse than before. It not only affects your mood but also increases water retention. Make sure that you avoid candy, sugary soda, sweets, cakes, cookies or any of the sugary food. You can honey or fresh fruit if you feel to eat something sweet during this time.

  • Alcohol:

              Alcohol though helps you to edge off the pain and anxiety still your condition may become worse after some time. If you consume alcohol while having menstrual cycle then you may have severe cramps. Even your night sleep may disturb due to boozing. So do avoid liquor and have fresh fruit juices.

  • Fatty red meat:

            Fatty red meat contains saturated fats which lead to inflammation. It also has arachidonic acid. This is a type of fat which is linked to the production of prostaglandins due to which menstrual pain and cramping increases. Instead of meat have some omega-3 rich food so that it makes you feel better.

  • Caffeine:

          When it comes to caffeine you should listen to your body so that you can decide what is good for you. If you are exhausted due to whole day work caffeine is the best option but during periods it makes you anxious and also causes mood swings due to rise in the stress hormones. It can also affect your sleep so make sure you have a limit to consumption of caffeine during periods

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