Tamiflu – The apt therapeutic partner for bird flu
Tamiflu is the only available clinical aid that is shown to act effectively against the medical condition called bird flu, which is caused by the influenza viral strains. This anti-viral medication can exert a potent effect against the virus only if taken within 2 days after acquiring the infection. Hence, this drug is the only optimal measure for getting out of the dig created by the clinical complications associated with bird flu and prevents its progression to a deadly form.

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Tamiflu 75mg

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Tamiflu Action Mechanism
Tamiflu is an oseltamivir containing anti-viral drug, whose cardinal action mechanism is to impede the neuraminidase enzyme present in the influenza virus. This activity results in preventing the action of the enzyme of the sialic acid component, which is present on the host cell surface. And, this act ultimately causes the blockage of the release of the novel viral particles by the infected human cells and thus causes inhibition to the disease succession.

Tamiflu Dosage 

The standard dosage of Tamiflu that has been proven to show the immense caliber in curing the bird flu complications and granting you a healthy and disease free life is a two time dosage of 75 mg per day, which is supposed to be taken within 48 hours of symptoms advent and continued for around a period of minimum 5 days. While, in case of prevention of this condition in adults a dosage of 75 mg twice a day for around 10 days is recommended.

Tamiflu Advantages 

Tamiflu is not only a used for curing and prevention of bird flu but is also used as an efficient prophylaxis approach for treating the symptoms associated with this condition.

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