Ophthacare has powerful antimicrobial and antihistaminic components, which assuages the virulent and allergic eye disorders. It’s a kind of solution, which allays the pain and eases the symptoms. Ophthacare acts like an anti-inflammatory way and holds great soothing effect. One can use it to heal the wounds quickly, to look after the ophthalmic tissue from local oxidative damage, etc. The soothing effect of this drop assuages the eye irritation. An act of Ophthacare seems great in treating congestion, stress and parched eyes. Anyone, holding eye disorder like ocular hypertension, stress over the optic nerves, etc. can use this eye drops without any hesitation; since, is an herbal solution proposed to treat

  • Allergic severe and prolonged conjunctivitis
  • Virulent critical and long-lasting conjunctivitis
  • Engorged eyes 
  • Problem occurs while watching computer.
  • Eyestrain
  • parched eyes

This eye drops comprises honey, Persian rose, etc. acts together to comfort the eye disorder. You can enjoy our service by placing this order of this eye drops from the site called onlinegenericpills.com. in an affordable price.


Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare

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Ophthacare 10 ml

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No of Units Price  
2 Bottles $20.00
5 Bottles $45.00
10 Bottles $80.00

Dosage prescription 

Take the drops under the prescription. Do not forget to wash your eyes before applying the eye drops. Shake the bottle well prior using it; put the drops as it is suggested. Avoid making persistent finger contact with the eyes to prevent solution from getting contaminated. Opthacare seems exerting highly to ease various eye complications. If, it is prescribed to take one drop at a time, then follow taking that much dose strictly. 

Prevention measures

Take out the lens before dropping the liquid. Make sure that your hand and eyes are cleaned properly. Once you open the lid try using it within a month; since, it turns effect less. 


Itching, puffiness, red, painful and engorged eyes are some most seen form of side-effects.


Store it in the moderate or calm temperature.


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