Vitamins are the natural element, which is required by the body to mature, develop and function generally. One can get vitamins in the fruits, vegetables almost all the eating stuff. The level of vitamins taken by every individuals and genders varies. An intake amount of vitamins differs as per the condition; as, like women during pregnancy and breast feeding stage and illnesses. Basically, when you go under sickness problem an intake level of vitamins enhances. In todays, hard and fast life people fail to take sufficient amount of vitamins; hence, we have come up with the supplements called multivitamins sanctioned by an FDA, accessible in a low-price on the site called

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Multivitamins 500 mg

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30 Pills $1.63 $49.00
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No of Units Price  
30 Pills $49.00
60 Pills $75.00
90 Pills + 10 Pills Free $99.00

The dosage prescription of multivitamins 

You can get this multivitamins in a tablets and capsule. One needs to take one pill in a day according to the suggested manner. The amount of dosage differs as per the age and sex group. Do not take it in excessive or smaller amount or more regular as it has been directed. Taking any of the pills in excessive amount leads to cause some form of severe side-effects. Since, it is an oral supplement ought to be taken with the normal water. There is a particular process of multivitamins medicine, which has to be run.

Prevention measures of multivitamins

Multivitamins is recommended only for the person facing deficiency of vitamins. It’s over consumption must be avoided. Anyone pregnant or going under breast feeding stage must seek help of the doctor or experts for the appropriate dosage intake. You can take multivitamins in any health condition, but under the direction. 

Side-effects of multivitamins

Stomach disorders, lack of taste, nausea, etc. can be seen if multivitamins are taken in excessive amount. 


Place the medicine in the room temperature; do not let it expose to the harmful sunrays, heat and moisture.


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