Minoxidil is a liquid solution introduced to treat hair loss issue especially in men holding thin, feeble, dull root hair.The concern of hair fall occurs when the follicles turn weak and the root fails to embrace the hair for an extended period. The solution affirmed as one of the admirable therapy to ease down the hair fall issue. Usage of minoxidil serves replenish the hair and condense the hair fall barrier. It also results well in building healthy roots and follicles. A man holding half bald right from the head to the forehead can use this liquid. It is vasodilators which aids endorse hair re-growth in men facing gradual hair thinning and loss on the top of the head.

Baldness is mostly linked with genetic issue or trauma. An extreme hair fall indicates a case of severe health disorder.

Well, minoxidil is prescribed to convalesce and control the hair fall issue. It enhances, mend, and repair the hair. Enhancing hair growth and mending hair thinning are the main work of the solution. It in fact improves the scalp and widens its blood stream, which assist perquisite the hair follicles and facilitates hair growth.

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Minoxidil 2% Solution

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Minoxidil 5% Solution

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Minoxidil 10% Solution

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How to use minoxidil

Wash your hair and let it parched; further, use the liquid on parched scalp. Apply it daily at least once in day. While using this fluid you might get hair loss for a week and after that you will notice the effect. It will take around a month or more than that to give the result. Use a drop in a moderate amount or as it has been recommended. Do not use this drops over the oily hair; since, it goes effect less. You will get the dose in different percent wise as like 2%, 5% and 10%. One needs to initiate with low percentage gradually turning with high.

Prevention method

Well, minoxidil is wittingly proposed for men. Any men allergic to minoxidil should not use it. If, you are getting a sensation of itchy and burning scalp must stop using it and seek advice from physician. If, the hair fall proceeds more than 2 weeks during the course consult the doctor. 

Side-effects of minoxidil

There are no such severe sided-effects, further it depends upon your use.

Storage of minoxidil

Don’t place the liquid in expose to sunlight or in contact of children. Keep it completely in your contact.


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