Hydrea has been introduced to exert in people with sickle cell anemia to ease the various forms of pain caused by an ailment and to moderate the requirement for blood transfusions. One can also use hydrea to delight numerous types of cancer. Hydrea is also termed as Hydroxyurea used to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia, ovarian cancer, melanoma and various types of head and neck cancer. Hydrea comes in a category of antimetabolites. This medicine acts by diminishing and halting the growth of cancer. It delights the sickle cell anemia by averting down the creation of sickle-shaped red blood cells. It is an FDA approved drugs accessible on the site called onlinegenericpills.com. Comparing with others we offer you the medicine in economical or in cheapest price.

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Hydrea 500mg

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No of Units Price  
30 Pills $99.00
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120 Pills $249.00

An intake procedure of the drugs 

Hydrea is a solid form of oral pills needs to be taken with adequate amount of water. It has been directed to take one pill in a day, without mashing or breaking. In case of treating cancer, one needs to take this medicine once on every third day. Take the medicine every day at the same time; run the dosage as and how regular it has been prescribed. Take the amount as it has been directed; do not take it in more or less volume.

Safety measures

One needs to be careful about the dosage intake during the phase of pregnancy and breast feeding. Anyone, allergic to this medicine must not practice it at all. In case of practicing any other medication treatment or going through any extreme health barriers must reveal it to the doctor to decide the appropriate dosage intake.

Side-effects of hydrea

  • queasiness
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lack of appetite
  • over weight 
  • constipation
  • skin rash
  • wooziness
  • head pain 
  • hair fall


Store the supplements at the room temperature, completely away from the contact of sunlight, heat and moisture.


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