Contractubex to delight scars & skin disorders

Contractubex has been alleged a highly treating therapy for all types of scars. It dynamically sponsors healing the scars of the skin. To get this order, prefer our sites; since we have all the products FDA sanctioned available at the cheapest and most economical price. Contractubex seems to have exerted over a decade due to its effective response. It is considered a best-selling cream around the world to treat scars successfully. It is the first solution prescribed by the healthcare expert. The existence of 3 active elements in Contractubex acts deeply to treat scar marks.

Manufacturer: Zydus Healthcare

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Contractubex 20mg

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The Contractubex gel acts well too:

  • Avert the creation of too much scar tissue
  • Diminishes redness, itching, and a sensation of pressure
  • Turns the scar soft and elastic. 
  • Scratches or cuts
  • In operations
  • Burns or injuries
  • Tattoo elimination.

Contractubex encompasses 3 active components:

  • Extractum Cepae: has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal component, which averts the creation of too much scar tissue.

  • Heparin: due to anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling constituents, it relaxes the tissue construction, which is liable to hold cell and tissue renaissance and muddle water with the scar tissue.

  • Allantoin: heals the wounds and holds moderating effect. It eases the itching, which is caused by scar formation.

How to use Contractubex 

It will be more helpful when you use this scream soon after you get a mark or stitches. It acts well to heal the marks and mend the skin surface. Read the instruction well before using the cream, wash the area well, and then apply the cream. Use a cotton ball to wipe the spread cream. Avoid using your finger, wash immediately if in case you used it, so that it could not get into contact with the eyes. Do not rub the area harshly. Use the cream in limitation or as it has been directed. 

Prevention therapy 

If, you are allergic to this cream shun using it. Getting directly under sunlight after applying this cream may harm your skin; hence, hide your skin while exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. 


Irritation, itching, burning, etc. of the skin may admit a form of normal side-effects.


Keep the Contractubex at a moderate temperature.


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