Abortion and its relation with mental Health

What is Abortion?

Abortion is a procedure to end unwanted pregnancy. One can choose an option of medical abortion as a non-surgical procedure to terminate early pregnancy using online Abortion Pills that include FDA-approved medicines such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol Kit. This medical abortion method is only applicable until the gestational age before or up to 9 weeks. 

What are the reasons and emotional responses to abortion?

The reason for having an abortion differs from person to person such as

  1. Limit the number of children they have
  2. Environmental restrictions on their ability to raise a child
  3. Unwanted or unintended pregnancy 
  4. To complete an early miscarriage,
  5. Due to the risk of congenital or inherited disease, 
  6. Health complications where continuing a pregnancy may be life-threatening. 

The reasons may vary such as financial, social, psychological or relationship factors. It is highly a personal decision of the individual to terminate a pregnancy or not. 

Just as the reasons for terminating a pregnancy differ, the person’s emotional response to the procedure and coming to terms may differ as well. 

Choosing to undergo abortion can be emotionally challenging and the experience would be overwhelming for some. Some may feel extreme relief, calm, happiness at having made the right choice for them and some may feel negative emotions such as sadness, grief, loss, and regret, or sleep disorder. This is natural, but if negative feelings persist for longer, they should not be ignored and should seek help. 

Does Abortion cause Depression?

So, to start with, abortion does not cause any harm to mental health or lead to anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress -disorder a fact that has been recognized after reviewing the available evidence as per certain studies. Several other high-quality cases have concluded that abortion did not increase the risk of mental health problems compared to women carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term. 

Some common reasons that pregnancy termination can lead to depression are due to 

  1. Lack of social support and perceived stigma
  2. History of mental health problems
  3. Individual personalities as low self-esteem
  4. Characteristics of the pregnancy, including whether the person wanted it or not. 

How to cope?

Cope with the overwhelming emotions due to abortion, it can be managed with a few steps:

  1. Seek support from your loved ones or the ones you trust. Talk with them about your feelings and if have no one to talk to out there are a lot of people who are ready to help such as community groups or health workers. Ask them as many questions as possible 
  2. Do not isolate yourself. Try to stay connected with people who can offer support. 
  3. Get help from a mental health professional that can help go through or guide you from this big decision. 
  4. Do not allow anyone your friends, family or partner to pressurize you to choose one way or the other against your wish.

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