How does dizziness impact pregnancy during the second trimester?

Pregnancy just makes you look different. There are various changes right from blood volume to the cardiovascular system that gets affected. Hence it becomes mandatory that women during this period do take at most care. While few women do end up purchasing online Cytotec Abortion Pills, the rest does try to learn about pregnancy and its changes. Well, it’s not easy for women to deal with them, yet a few tips here and there can help you.

One of the most problematic symptoms is feeling dizzy or Lightheadedness.

One of the reasons behind feeling dizzy is low blood pressure and this can make women faint anytime.

Why do women feel dizzy during pregnancy while in the second trimester?

Dizziness is a minor change that prepares your body for nine months of pregnancy. During the middle of the second trimester, it is likely that the blood pressure is lowest. Blood pressure actually drops an average of 5-10mmHg in systolic pressure and up to 15mmHg diastolic pressure.

Well, women need to know that after delivery your blood pressure should return to normal towards the end of the pregnancy.

Avoiding dizziness

Well, a few reasons cause dizziness in women, and hence, considers the mentioned points.

Lying flat on your back

Now that you’re pregnant, your uterus keeps compressing, and lying on a stomach is not possible. Even there is slow blood circulation in your legs and pelvic veins. Hence sleeping flat on your back is likely to make the problem worse. Hence it is said sleeping on the left side helps to increase the blood flow to your heart.

Overheating and hyperventilating

Also, too hot a shower or bath, or if you are feeling too hot, you’re likely to feel dizzy.

Hence this causes your blood vessels to dilate, and this is likely to drop your pulse. Hence, women are recommended to avoid hot showers, keep the bathroom cool and dress in layers. Even while you perform exercises do try to perform them in all ventilated spaces. If you feel faint, tired do stop performing the activities.

Not eating enough

During this period, it becomes necessary for your body to get an adequate amount of nutrition. Enough nutrition if is not provided to the body leads to low blood sugar and makes women feel dizzy and faint.

Even eating too much is not possible, hence women are recommended to enjoy small but frequent meals during the day. Even consumption of 8 to 10 glasses in a day is recommended. 

Stand up constantly

The blood pools in your feet and lower legs when you sit for long times while you have a pregnancy. It becomes necessary that women keep constantly getting up so that enough blood can return to the heart. You don't need to jump up from the chair or from your bed. Slowly set up from your bed and move around to let the blood flow in the body in a smoother.

When should women seek help during dizziness?

Dizziness sometimes is likely to cause symptoms such as shortness of breath and blurred vision. Hence, women having dizziness during pregnancy need to seek help. 

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