How to improve sleep during your periods?

Headache, cramps, breast tenderness, and heavy bleeding are a few things that can be heard when you have periods. Well, having those periods is a blessing as it indicates not being pregnant. Women with missing periods need to order online MTP kit and get rid of the pregnancy during an initial stage. Though women need not worry much, a few concerns should be considered. While speaking about the periods, women need to know that sleep plays an important role and allows women to enjoy a good sleep and good menstrual periods. 

How does your body react when you have periods?

The menstrual cycle does vary in every woman and also for 25-35 days and this is what most healthy women have noted. Fluctuation in the hormones does reduce or increase the period for which women do end up having a menstrual cycle as well as the symptoms. While the women have the lowest estrogen and progesterone production in the body, they’re likely to experience periods that do continue for 2-13 days. 

While women having periods do have various discomforts, some don’t experience anything. 

Relationship between sleep and PMS, PMDD

Well, most women complain about PMS and PMDD and they’re likely to feel uneasy during this time. Women having PMS or PMDD many times the symptoms such as chills, sweat, and nighttime body temperature occurs. Those symptoms are to be managed under the guidance of a doctor to reduce their effect on your body.

Well, during periods, having a good nap is necessary. This is a time when you would like to perform minimally and have a good sleep. You can consider the mentioned tips and engage in a good nap or sleep that allows you to relax.

Keep the bedroom calm

Whether you’re sleeping or just taking a nap do consider keeping your bedroom calm. While you wish to sleep, your hormones might not let you if something irritates you. Hence, do not keep the temperature of your room in such a state that it makes it hard for you to fall asleep.


The pain, cramps, and most issues associated with periods can be managed with the help of yoga. It's not a day or two, but practicing yoga, in the long run, does allow women to have a smooth period. Also, practicing some handy stretches before going to bed helps to relax well and enjoy a nap.

Sleep in a fetal position

Well, during periods, managing cramps and other issues become a bit difficult. Hence, do consider sleeping in the most comfortable fetal position. This is one of the best positions that takes off the pressure

De-stress before bed

Stressing does have a negative impact on your health. Hence, do consider de-stressing before you hit the bed. This helps women to relax and enjoy a good sleep. You can listen to some good music or enjoy a hot shower with essential oils and this helps to improve your sleep. 

Hence, when you’ve periods, do consider napping properly so that your body can relax from time to time.

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