Why do women get confused between the termination tablet and contraceptives?

When it comes to pregnancy, they’re different terminologies that one needs to know. Each and every tablet differ from one another and are made to identify different stages. It becomes necessary that women do have an idea about those terminologies and use the right remedies. Women usually don't get confused with online pregnancy termination tablets and contraceptives mostly, but the tablets do differ at different stages, the purpose of using them is common.


Usually, contraceptive pills and emergency tablets are used even before the pregnancy occurs. Contraceptives or contraceptive pills are used even before you engage in sexual intimacy to avoid pregnancy. Similar kinds of pills that are used include emergency pills. Those pills generally are included within 72 hours of engaging in sessions. Women need to be extra careful while using those remedies and have a safer abortion.

Abortion Pill

Once the pregnancy has occurred the only option that women are left with is terminating the pregnancy. Mifeprex and Cytotec are different types of tablets that are used to help women get rid of unwished gestation. Both the pills are genuine and allow a woman to get rid of such a situation. Seeking assistance during the early stage is one of the best ways that allows getting rid of the pregnancy.

Using Mifeprex and Cytotec

Women recommended using both these tablets need to know this Abortion Pills work effectively. One needs to use Mifeprex 1 tablet of 200mg first and then use Cytotec 200mcg, 4 pills to flush the pregnancy parts smoothly from the body.

These Abortion Pills are genuine remedies that can be used during the initial stage to refrain from pregnancy. Although these tablets can be used together, one after the other, at times, women are guided to use them independently.

While using these tablets independently, women need to follow other things

The dose of the Mifeprex Abortion Pill increases to 3 pills and allows women to have a safer abortion. While using this pill independently women need to use one pill at a time and wait for three to four hours and repeat the process twice more.

The use of this tablet independently gives you the desired results if it is used when your gestation is within seven weeks.  If any symptoms are not being experienced simply reaching out to the doctor is recommended. 

What confusions do occur when it comes to using different termination tablets?

Women need to know the basic difference between those pills. While the contraceptive and emergency pills are used even before the pregnancy occurs, the Abortion Pills such as Mifeprex and Cytotec are used after the pregnancy occurs. The reason behind using tablets should be well known before using them.

The absolute reason behind the confusion is refraining from the pregnancy. Both the tablets assist the same and hence, women do get confused. 

What measures are to be taken while using those medicaments?

Women recommended to use online Mifeprex and Cytotec should follow the right measures and include, 

  1. Refrain from engaging in any activities that require strength. 
  2. Do not engage in physical activities as this is likely to cause a negative impact on the recovery. 
  3. Do avoid the use of liquor and tobacco as this interacts and causes negative impacts. 

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