Question’s women were regarded alcohol and smoke during pregnancy

It becomes really difficult for human beings to restrict certain actions that they perform since years. There is an end number of people who do end up adapting to various disorders and it becomes necessary that one does have a right managing system to overcome at some or other point of life. Women too do end up having some issues related to alcohol and smoke and this does affect their pregnancy. During pregnancy, if you tend to some more or drink more, the complications may occur and the need to use an online MTP kit too might increase. 

Hence, women are recommended to restricts the consumption of liquor or smoke during pregnancy. There are ample of questions that occur in women’s minds and hence, they’re to be answered. A few questions that occur include,

What might happen if a woman ends up consuming alcohol and tobacco?

Women as soon as conceives or try to conceive are recommended to restrict the use of alcohol and tobacco. Prenatal exposure to smoking and alcohol consumption increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. At times, women do end up consuming in the limit, but the complications do occur.

Hence, women who are addicted to the consumption of liquor or tobacco are guided to restrict the use as this causes a major impact on the health of an infant.

What excuses can you make if you want to avoid those situations?

Well, there are millions of women who conceive and they prefer to give up on those activities. Though they willingly want to avoid this, some people do urge them to get into activities. Well, you can stick to a few of the excuses and this helps you avoid such situations and continue smoothly with the pregnancy.

  1. Tell that you’re super sick
  2. Say you’re on antibiotics
  3. Say you have a bet going
  4. Fool them saying you’re trying to save some money
  5. The best solution, inform them you’re about to get the blood tests done and you're preparing for the same.

Why is it advised to abstain from smoking and alcohol consumption?

Smoking and drinking do have a negative impact on the health of an infant. This is likely to cause low birth weight, increases the risk of pneumonia, asthma, and many other issues. Sometimes, the risk of a baby dying while sleeping can also happen. Hence, women are recommended to be watchful after the activities they perform during pregnancy.

Is smoking more effective or drinking on the health of an infant

It is considered, consumption of alcohol is more dangerous than smoking tobacco or cannabis. As per the studies the alcohol plays an important role as it is likely to enter the infant's body. Smoking being the activity where a minimum amount of tobacco enters the body, there are fewer chances of harming the infant. Be it smoking or drinking, women are always recommended to restrict those activities.

Women need to understand the need of quitting alcohol and tobacco as this is likely to affect their health and their infant’s health.

It's necessary that one must learn to restrict the activities that cause a problem during the pregnancy.

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