Do leg cramps affect you too during pregnancy?

Just think, you’re enjoying your pregnancy and all of a sudden you experience a strong leg cramp, how does it sound while imagining? Well, if you too have leg cramps during the pregnancy then it’s better to know you are likely to experience this during the second trimester. Also, some women feel annoyed as this symptom makes it really difficult for women to perform the tasks. Well, during the pregnancy, women already bear the pain and other things, but leg cramps make it advanced. 

Leg cramps do not have any certain time or period to occur, but they become more noticeable during the nights. If you’ve fatigue or fluid accumulation then these cramps occur and one needs to practice the right things to avoid these conditions.

Why do leg cramps occur during pregnancy?

As mentioned, leg cramps do occur in women during the second and third trimesters. Also, there is no such exact reason that indicates about leg cramps. Many theories do indicate that fatigue that occurs during the pregnancy, or the compression caused to blood vessels can be possible reasons.

At times, a shortage of calcium or magnesium, as well as your diet, is blamed. Some people also believe that leg cramps do occur due to hormonal changes in the body.

What can a woman do when she ends up having leg cramps during the pregnancy?

When you end up having leg cramps, ensure that you follow the below-mentioned tips

Try to stand on a cold surface, even using a cool compress or ice pack helps to stop the spasm.
Straighten your legs and flex your ankle and toes back and forth several times. Do not do it in bed, you might not feel relieved.
If the pain gets moderate then try the prenatal massage or use a heating pad to get relief. If the pain continues using any heat pad or massage is not suggested.

What helps to prevent leg cramps during the pregnancy?

Well, usually women are not thinking much about the leg cramps and if they do so, then it is an indication that it hurts them quite often. If you’re having leg cramps frequent then look into that you do follow some of the steps such as:

  1. When you’re seated, try to pull your legs more often.
  2. Ensure that you do intake a lot of calcium and magnesium and your diet is power-packed.
  3. Stretching, exercise can help you a lot, and hence, whenever you stretch be careful. And do not hold a stretch for more than 10 seconds and relax for a few minutes and this can help you prevent it. 
  4. Try to alter your day with activities as this helps you stay active.
  5. Ensure that you consume enough of fluids that help to avoid dehydration.

When to seek medical help if you have leg cramps?

Well, if you experience severe pain, then you need to seek medical help that helps you get rid of strong leg pain. There are some cases when the blood clots do get stuck in the veins and this requires medical help.

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