How to manage sexual life after having an abortion?

There are thousands of women who end up choosing medical abortion. There are millions of women who get pregnant every year and half of them end the pregnancy due to the gestation being unwished. Well, even after having such a situation, women either do choose to buy Abortion Pills or undergo a surgical abortion. The whole process of abortion works smoothly and helps women to get rid of the gestation. 

While there are options such as medical and surgical abortion available, women do have various questions related to sexual life.

Sexual life after having an abortion is the same as it was. The only change that you need to tolerate is, you cannot indulge in sexual intimacy soon after having an abortion.

Bleeding after abortion

Bleeding soon after having an abortion is common, and this is a post-abortion symptom that occurs in women. Even passing a clot or spotting is common during this period. Consistent heavy bleeding till conception passes away can too be experienced by women. 

Also, there is nothing to worry about if you bleed for 2 weeks.

Ensure that you do observe the bleeding pattern as this helps you know whether there is something abnormal or normal.

Sex after an abortion

Be it medical abortion or surgical abortion, women are recommended to wait for a few days. Well, this is true, one need not indulge in sexual intimacy as soon as they have an abortion. This waiting period is recommended so that it helps women recover from the abortion trauma. Hence, women after having an abortion are recommended to get the process completed, which takes around 14 days, and during this period you cannot get into sexual intimacy.

After abortion use of birth control tablets

Well, after landing once in such a problem, women are usually recommended to use birth control tablets. Birth control pills are the genuine ones and help women to avoid the situations such as unwished gestation. 

Some women delay the use of contraceptives and end up getting into sexual intimacy and land in pregnancy again. Well, this is something to be taken care of if you don’t want to land in pregnancy again. Hence, as soon as you end up with the abortion with online Cytotec tablets, women are prescribed contraceptives.

After abortion care

Once you’re done with abortion, ensure that you do choose the right measures that help you avoid the complications. Usually, after-abortion care tips are suggested before you have an abortion to avoid complications throughout the process. 

There are some unpleasant and discomforting thing that occurs during an abortion and you can,

  1. Stay hydrated to avoid dizziness that might occur after abortion. Also, vomiting and diarrhea might make you fed and empty, so liquid consumption is necessary.
  2. To manage the cramps, a heating pad is a must and if you don’t want to use a heating pad, choose to use ibuprofen.
  3. Have someone with you to support as the whole hormonal shift might cause drastic changes. 
  4. To relieve breast tenderness, ensure that you wear a tight-fitting bra.

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