Are forgetfulness and pregnancy interlinked?

It's so relaxing after knowing you do have a pregnancy. Some women end up being on top of the world once they end up having a pregnancy. One must know certain things that help women continue the pregnancy. There are some of times when women do have to deal with a certain thing even if they wish to continue with the pregnancy. Pregnancy and forgetfulness are common, sometimes, and this can be managed well. Sometimes the condition is unfavorable and women do choose to use online Abortion Pills and get rid of gestation.

Pregnancy brain

You might find this a bit weird, but women are likely to have pregnancy brains at times. A woman having pregnancy is sometimes likely to experience pregnancy brain and this is nothing but women do forget something. The forgetfulness isn’t just playing tricks on your sleep, but can also make you forget why did you visit a certain store or even appointments skip your mind.

What causes pregnancy brain?

As usual, pregnancy brain is just hormonal changes that make you lose your memory.

A lack of sleep is an issue that makes it difficult for women to deal with it, but further, it also affects your energy. Some studies prove your body and brain work in a bit different way when you have a pregnancy. This has a physical effect and emotional effect too.

Also, some studies prove that brain cell volume decreases tremendously during the third trimester. After a few weeks of delivery, the cells again get to the normal size and function like they used to.

Is forgetfulness during pregnancy normal?

Forgetfulness is normal and common in women. Even if you’ve been a multitasking person or have had the ability to organize everything, then to you’re likely to have this issue.

One of the things that reduce your stress is pregnancy brain is temporary.

What can one do when they land in a problem such as the pregnancy brain?

Write it down

It is necessary that you do write everything that you want to get done. Buying groceries or making a phone call is everything that you can write and get things done. You can make a note of such things and this helps you avoid forgetfulness. 

Have backup

Reduce the number of things you need to do by assigning them to someone else. Whenever possible, let other members of your family, such as your partner help you. Hence, try that you do always take every work on you.

Do not go for ginkgo

Usually, when it comes to memory booster, people do rely on ginkgo Biloba but try to avoid it, this is not the safest remedy that can be chosen. Pregnancy brain is a disorder that affects you on a temporary basis hence using any medicaments should be avoided.

Increase the intake of choline

Usually, the minerals block the memory forming chemical known as acetylcholine.

It is said that the consumption of choline-rich food helps to boost the function of the brain during pregnancy.

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