What can happen if bleeding doesn’t occur after using Abortion Pills?

Abortion and pregnancy are the stages of life when women do not want to have anyone’s interruption while making decisions. There are several women who continue, and also there’re millions who discontinue. It just depends on the current situation of women that makes it difficult for them to continue with the pregnancy. When one can discontinue the pregnancy, they can order Abortion Pills, but what about the several questions that hit their mind. A dozen of women do have various questions, some are common while some are the ones that might strike anyone. 

One such question that disturbs woman is what if I don’t bleed after an abortion? Check the below-mentioned blog that can help you reach the answer.

Using Mifeprex alone

There are times when you’re recommended to use the Mifeprex abortion tablet alone and this can be done only if your gestation period is within 7 weeks. Women having gestation within 7 weeks are recommended that they do use 3 tablets of Mifeprex each of 200mg to get rid of gestation. 

For administration:

Start using 1 tablet with a glass of water and wait for 3 hours, repeat the process twice and this can help you abort the pregnancy smoothly at the home corner.

Women are likely to get effective results to get rid of the pregnancy.

Using Mifeprex and Misoprostol

There are times when women exceed 7 weeks, but till 9 weeks, women can online order Mifeprex and Misoprostol kit and get rid of the gestation. Usually, a combination of tablets is prescribed to women to get the pregnancy terminated at home corners. 

For administration:

Start with 1 tablet of Mifeprex 200mg and then wait for 24 hours to do the second administration. After the interval, ensure that you do use 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg each at a time to get rid of the gestation. Both the tablets work efficiently and help women to get rid of the gestation during the first trimester. 

Are there any chances of having no bleeding after using Mifeprex?

With respect to gestation, if the gestation is more than 7 weeks, using the only Mifeprex may not help women and the need to use Misoprostol to get rid of the gestation. The bleeding occurs only depending upon the gestation period, how your body reacts, and the type of pregnancy you have. 

There are hardly 2% of cases that might report no bleeding after making use of Mifeprex during the 7 weeks of gestation. In case, there is no bleeding within 24 hours, rush to the emergency room to seek medical help.

What can be done if the bleeding is not experienced by women?

Though there are 2% chances that women might not have bleeding, when such is a case, women need to seek help from the health care provider. Women either will be recommended to use Misoprostol Abortion Pill or undergo a surgical abortion. The best for you can be chosen by your health care provider.

To get effective and successful results it is necessary that one must follow the instructions prescribed to you.

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