Why is MTP kit considered more than purchasing single tablets?

These days no women wish to go to the clinics and undergo the surgical abortion process. Women today will simply wish to undergo the medical abortion process and get rid of the gestation during an initial stage. This is one of the trusted and effective methods for women to get the gestation cancelled. Women are simply recommended to check for the gestation and then proceed with the process. 

Length of pregnancy

Gestation is important and it plays a role to help women choose the abortion method. This is one of the methods that help women to get rid of during the initial stage. The length of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period to the current period and this is the right way if you want to decide to know whether the severity of seeking help. If you fail to keep a track of the menstrual periods and do not worry about it than simply choose to undergo an ultrasound test. This test helps women to know the exact gestation period and choose the right method.

The process to end the gestation  

Women with the gestation of up to 9 weeks can simply choose to get rid of the pregnancy. When the gestation is of up to 9 weeks simply order online MTP kit and use it as mentioned. The process begins as follows. 

The Mifepristone 200mg is to be used and it is an anti-progesterone tablet that works to block the growth of the pregnancy. Once the growth is blocked it becomes easy for the fetal particles to get separated from the uterus. Once you swallow the anti-progesterone tablet, wait for 24 hours and then proceed towards the use of the secondary tablet. 

The secondary tablets known as Misoprostol 200mcg from the MTP kit helps women to get rid of the pregnancy. The prostaglandin elements present in this Abortion Pill help to contract the uterus and flush the pregnancy parts from the uterus causing an abortion. 

Withdrawal effects

Women guided to use the MTP kit need to know that the use of this termination tablet results in withdrawal effects. The side effects such as bleeding, cramping, and clotting are experienced by the women and they are also considered as symptoms of abortion. The side effects that occur and affect women include nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and chills. These side effects sometimes get worse and women might require medical help to get the withdrawal effects treated. 

Purchase is cost-effective

One of the reasons behind women choose to buying MTP kit online and not tablets individually is, the kit contains all the required tablets that help to terminate the pregnancy. Choosing to purchase every tablet individually can result in spending too much, whereas using a kit helps you get the whole kit at a single price. 


  1. Women with the gestation need to avoid the use of online Abortion Pills with other meds as it might interact and result in side effects. 
  2. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is to be used so that it can help women to avoid the use of interaction. 
  3. The use of grapefruit juice or magnesium should be strictly avoided.

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