Think twice before opting home remedies

An unplanned pregnancy brings a range of conflicting emotions and this might include fear, panic, excitement or mix of diverse feelings. But what if you do come to know that carrying a baby is not an option for you? Women those who are adult are aware of the options such as use of online Abortion Pills, but those who have entered adulthood are not aware of these options. After all, they are like other peoples who may find some of the home remedies on the internet. Teen girls or women may find the internet an inexpensive method that may guide them get rid of the unwanted child. Using home remedies or natural remedies is one of the options that women may find on the internet but at times they might be risky.

Home abortion, including those done with the help of herbs do have a high possibility of life-threatening complications. Of course, these abortion methods are used since a long time for centuries, but a number of people have also died due to the use of these methods or have faced permanent complications.

Below mentioned are the biggest risks that are common and might occur if abortion home remedies are opted:

Incomplete abortion

An incomplete abortion is a term describing the incomplete removal of the pregnancy parts from the body. At times women do use natural remedies and women do bleed but the pregnancy remnants remain in the body. When such conditions occur, women need to know that they need medical assistance which can help them get the process completed.

If women do not get such conditions treated, then there are chances that she might land in life-threatening issues or infections.


At times women do involve in such surgeries which might lead to infections. The medical facility those who perform the surgeries do ensure that they do sterilize the instruments and also do accurately perform the process.

Some home remedies do suggest the insertion of the instruments to reach the uterus via the cervix. Even if you sterilize the instruments, it can prove to be dangerous.

An infection in the cervix, uterus or vagina can lead to infection or damage. At times the infection may spread to your bloodstream and result in life-threatening blood poisoning.


Hemorrhage is a condition referring to a major loss of blood. If you are someone who is not trained in medical and still you perform the surgical process, you may lead to issues such as internal bleeding. Also, women need to understand that internal bleeding is not visible until it’s too severe.

Also, women rather than seeking assistance from health care practitioners if do follow any remedy to start the periods then it is at times not possible to control the amount of bleeding you have. Hence, women need to understand that forcing periods or abortion with the help of natural home remedies may lead to withdrawal symptoms.


If surgical abortion is performed by someone who did not receive medical training then there are chances that women may have scarring. Scarring can affect both internal as well as external genitalia and this leads to a problem such as infertility.


Women do ditch use of the Mifeprex and Cytotec pills online for abortion because they contain chemicals and other active and inactive elements helping end the pregnancy. Even though herbs are natural they do become toxic after a specific time. Also, when women are prescribed a specific dose of herbal meds, they always need to use extra doses so that the abortion may occur which ideally leads to complications.

Hence, whenever women do have any of the issues related to reproductive health, they are asked to seek medical assistance rather than depending upon natural remedies.

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