Late-term abortion and expectation from late-term abortion

There are millions of abortions, which do take place every year. Women are asked to have an abortion during the first trimester and during the first trimester, women can simply make the use of online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated. A late-term abortion does occur during the second or third trimester and such pregnancy cannot get aborted with the help of pills easily.

The later term abortion is being performed during the 41 weeks of the gestation period and such type of abortion is performed only if it is not possible for women to carry the pregnancy till childbirth.

Which process is being followed so that it can help women to end the pregnancy?

Women who have a late-term abortion can opt to have a surgical abortion. The health care provider with the help of dilation and evacuation methods helps women to end the pregnancy in a successful manner.

While performing the surgery, it is necessary that the cervix is being softened and dilated and during this time your health care provider may ask you to use an online Cytotec pill which helps to easily perform the abortion method. The pill is either used the prior day before the surgery or can be used a few hours before the surgery. Your health care provider will use a speculum so that it helps to widen the vaginal opening and this helps the health care provider to clean the cervix and apply anesthetic.

Eligibility to have a late-term abortion

Usually, women are not prescribed to have a late-term abortion. During the late-term abortion, there are chances that women may have complications and hence it is prescribed to continue with the pregnancy rather than abortion. Women who have a late-term abortion should have the age of more than 18 years. Also, the gestation period of the pregnancy should be post 20 weeks.

While removing the contents of the pregnancy the health care provider may make the use of the ultrasound test so that the complications can be avoided. After a period of time performing surgical abortion becomes risky for the health of women and hence health care provider does suggest women to continue with the pregnancy.

Side effects after having a surgical abortion

  • Breast soreness
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Cramps
  • Fever
  • Nausea

The success of the late-term abortion is not attainable and also women may have to face the long term consequences. This process can also at times lead to the risk of having an infection. Hence, most of the health care provider does ask women to make the use of Mifepristone and Cytotec pills during the early trimester. During the early trimester, there is less risk and no complications involved due to which it becomes easy for women to end the pregnancy. During the late-term abortion, women are asked to seek help from health care providers and also the use of the meds is done only under the supervision of health care providers. Women need to ensure that she does follow all the precautions which can help women to recover from an abortion.

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