When should women seek medical help while having an abortion process?

Ending unplanned pregnancy doesn't mean that women never wish to start a family. There are many couples who end the pregnancy and still, they do wish to start a family soon. Abortion Pills are the one which can help women to get the pregnancy terminated as well can help the women to avoid future pregnancies. Women only need to follow the instructions as mentioned as this is the best way which can help women to get the pregnancy terminated effectively. Also, it is necessary that women must have the idea that indulging in sexual intercourse should be avoided during the abortion process.

Below mentioned are some of the symptoms and side effects which one need to be aware of while they are having a medical abortion

  • Women after making the use of online Abortion Pills are likely to have bleeding and cramping. Bleeding is considered to be one of the primary symptoms which indicate abortion. Hence, women who are bleeding need to know that they also do monitor bleeding. After the administration of pills from the MTP kit if women do bleed heavily for more than 3 days then one needs to seek medical help. In order to avoid such incidents, health care providers do suggest women to avoid lifting heavy things or performing any of the activities which may lead to heavy bleeding.
  • At times women do have clotting and this is nothing but the pregnancy particles. Usually, women do have bleeding while they have an abortion and if the clots are larger than women need to seek medical help to get the side effects treated.
  • Nausea is one of the symptoms which can be experienced by women while having an abortion and if nausea and fever are accompanied for more than 2 days, then women need to seek medical help which can help them get this disorder treated.
  • After one does order online MTP kit, the prostaglandin elements from the med works and makes the uterus contracted. Hence, when women do have a contraction it is common for her to have abdominal cramps and if these cramps do get intense and don’t go away within 2 days then one is advised to seek a consultation from the health care provider.
  • At times the pregnancy is incompletely aborted and the symptoms of pregnancy can be experienced and when such is a case women are asked that they do check the pregnancy status with a health care provider. Even after using MTP kit if women have continued pregnancy, then she needs to seek medical help and expert may advise either to use the dose of Misoprostol or may suggest surgical abortion.
  • The side effects which are caused due to the use of the Abortion Pills are temporary and hence women do not have to worry about them staying for a longer time. If you encounter the side effects for a prolonged time, then you need to seek medical help at earliest.

If women are planning to get pregnant soon after having an abortion, then one needs to wait for 2-3 months so that the body can get prepared to conceive.

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