Know the tips to deal with shoulder pain

Pain in the body, spotting, and cramps are the symptoms that are usually experienced by women when they are pregnant. Pregnancy is a nightmare of wish every woman wishes and it becomes necessary that she does take the decision about the pregnancy during the first trimester. The number of women does have health complications, financial issues, and many other issues due to which women do prefer that they do have an abortion. If you do decide to abort the pregnancy, then order Abortion Pills online from e-pharmacies stands to be one of the best options. If women do not find abortion as an option, then she may simply continue with the pregnancy.

When women do continue with pregnancy shoulder pain is something that can be experienced now and then. At least 40% of women do have shoulder pain during pregnancy and there are certain reasons due to which they have to face such pain during pregnancy.

Why does shoulder pain occur in pregnant women?

The body produces a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy and this is the hormone that relaxes the ligament in the body and then prepares the body for delivery. The loosening up of the ligament combined with other things such as sleeping postures, walking and standing can cause shoulder pain in women. At times this pain turns out to be mild ache and then it turns into intense discomfort. Hence, women are asked to take the utmost care during pregnancy.

The shoulder pain in the pregnant women may occur due to the hormonal changes, sleeping posture and other symptoms which can be the reason behind shoulder are mentioned below

  1. During early pregnancy, if women do have shoulder pain, then this can be a sign of ectopic or tubal pregnancy, which needs to get terminated with the help of surgical abortion. Women who have a pregnancy outside the uterus are suggested to avoid the purchase Cytotec pill online as these Abortion Pills only do work on the pregnancy which is inside the uterus. The pregnancy grows inside the fallopian tube or cervix, it results in sharp, stabbing pain that starts in the abdomen and can radiate to the shoulder.
  2. Women also may experience the pain in the shoulder due to gall stones and this is the deposits of cholesterol and calcium. Women who have gallstone may have stabbing pain in the shoulder.
  3. At times the stomach pain is also caused due to stomach issues such as constipation, stomach ulcer and bloating. The pain originates from the stomach and then spreads to the back and shoulder.
  4. During the second trimester, excessive or unbalanced weight in the abdomen can be the reason for the shoulder pain. Here the pain originates from the lower back and then it spreads to the back muscles and shoulder.

Treating shoulder pain

Certain painkillers prove to be harmful to the health of women during pregnancy. Instead of just popping up painkiller women can simply make the use of certain simple pain-relieving measures:

  • Using anti-inflammatory sprays and creams
  • Placing an ice pack around the site of the pain
  • Taking enough of rest to fend off tension, stress and shoulder pain
  • Give yourself a massage before going to bed.

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