Discuss with your teen about pregnancy prevention

Teenagers are the one those who are most influenced and they do take the decision of relationship and intercourse and land in a difficult situation such as unplanned pregnancy. The parents must tell their kids about pregnancy and intercourse at the right age. Though this can make both of them awkward they must be being guided properly. Most of the teens do not have an idea and they end up having a pregnancy and when it comes to pregnancy, they without any worries purchase online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

Below mentioned tips are the one which can help the parents to connect with the teens and to discuss sexual intercourse and abortion.

  1. Discuss with your child about pregnancy and intercourse at the right age. Let them know your expectations and your values regarding dating and sexual activity.
  2. Ensure that you do create an environment where you all are comfortable and are frankly talking to each other. Be a parent and let your child share their feelings without any fear and guide them in a manner that they can feel you are the one who can they talk to without any fear.
  3. Consider the emotions of your child as they share anything with you. Do ensure that you do not ignore their emotions just because they are adolescents. Teenager’s emotions are important and if your child tells you that he/she is in love, then try to understand them and do not ignore the things they say.
  4. When your child speaks do ensure that you do listen to them. Make them feel that even their voice matters and is equally been respected and heard.
  5. Discuss with your child honestly about the love, relationship, intercourse, use of Abortion Pills, dating, contraceptives and all the things. Do not be a biology book, but instead help them being their friend.
  6. Whenever your child asks you questions or asks you to share in details doesn’t mean that he/she is sexually active.
  7. Explaining to your child that not having sexual intercourse is not sufficient and explain to them why you think that having sexual intercourse is not the right time currently.
  8. Even if your child seems too uninterested you do not have to quit. Do ensure that you do create an uncomfortable situation and trust them and accurately discuss everything.

As per the campaign, at least 50% of women are teen mothers and live in poverty. Only 38% of women are under the age of 18years and rest 63% is teen mothers who are high school dropouts.

There are certain things that youngsters need to think about:

  • Intercourse has emotional as well as a physical effect
  • The easiest and safest way to get rid of pregnancy is not having sexual intercourse.
  • Even if intercourse is being practiced than it is prescribed to make use of the contraceptives.
  • Having intercourse at a very young age increases the risk of having an STI.

Teenagers if they do get pregnant even after using contraceptives they can buy online Cytotec pill and get the pregnancy terminated under the consent of the parents.

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