The journey of growth of fetus from 4-40 weeks

After waiting for months woman do get the news that she is pregnant. Women happily do peer the positive results of the pregnancy. And after this comes to mind is the growth of the pregnancy and how the baby does grow each day that passes.

The growth of the baby can be checked during a certain period with the help of scans.

Following are the scans which can help women to know about the pregnancy

Dating and viability scan

Dating and viability scans are done during the first trimester of the pregnancy. A dating scan is done so that it can help you know about since how many weeks you are pregnant and what can be your due date. The viability scan guarantees the smooth and normal growth of the baby.

Anomaly scan

This scan is performed usually during the second trimester and is performed so that it can help to examine each part of the body and find the abnormalities if any

Growth scans or ultrasound scans

An ultrasound scan is performed during the third trimester and this helps you to know the fetal weight and other standard measurements that are required. Also with the help of this scan, the breathing of the baby and the movement of the baby can be monitored.

As per the studies, unwanted pregnancy stands to be one of the major issues which affect families and society. In the case of unwanted pregnancy, the decision should be taken wisely. The early weeks are the right time when you can decide if you want to keep the baby or not. If you do not wish to continue with the pregnancy then you can simply use online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated.

Following trimesters can help you know the growth of the baby trimester by trimester

First trimester (1-14 weeks)

During the first trimester, the process of fertilization starts and the zygote is formed. A zygote is the one that decides about the gender, color, skin tone, height, and hair of the baby. An embryo is formed out of zygote within a period of two weeks. Towards the third week, the heart starts to beat and the little arms, legs, eyes, and ears can be seen. During the fourth week the hearing capacity begins to develop and also the respiratory system of the baby begins to develop. During the 8th-week brain wave activity begins and till the 11th week, the facial features begin to develop. During the 14th week, the baby begins to make its own cells.

Second trimester (15-28 weeks)

From 15-21st week the delicate details such as hair, fingernails start to grow. Also during this period, the movement of the baby can be felt as at this point the baby becomes active.

Third trimester (29-40 weeks)

During the 29th week, the lungs of the baby are almost developed, and till the 32nd week, the baby can control its own movement. Till the 37th week, the baby becomes fully developed and from the 38-40th week, the baby can be born.

The whole process of the pregnancy works smoothly if the instructions are followed. If woman do not wish to continue with the pregnancy then she needs to take the decision during the initial trimester, so that she can buy Cytotec online and end the pregnancy.

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