Pros and cons- to decide the use of Abortion Pills

Medical abortion is a process that is performed with the help of Abortion Pills and this allows the females to maintain the privacy and control the whole process of abortion. While performing the whole process women can have someone by her side so that women may have someone to assist by her side. The women-only need to online buy Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated effectively. In case women do have any after-effects she can seek help from a health care provider and use the meds which helps to get the pregnancy terminated.

The list of pros to using the pills

The following are some pros to use this Abortion Pills:


The use of Abortion Pills helps women to maintain privacy. As the pills are being delivered at doorsteps women do not have to worry about the judgmental eyes of the people. This is a method that helps women have a successful abortion at home.

Cheap price

The cost of pills does matter to women. A number of women are unable to access surgical abortion and hence they do prefer to make the use of the termination pills. Women who cannot afford to have a surgical abortion can simply opt to have a medical abortion and get the pregnancy terminated at a low price.

No infection

During the medical abortion, the risk of having an infection is low. There are a number of the instrument which are used during a surgical abortion and hence during this time there are chances that women may have an infection. Medical abortion proves to be one of the best options which help women to avoid the risk of having an infection. These termination pills only help women to get the pregnancy terminated and don’t cause any infection.

Absence of injury

There are no injuries caused due to the use of pills. There are almost no chances of injury which can occur due to the use of Abortion Pills.

The list of cons

The following are some Cons to use this Abortion Pills:

No late termination

Women who are asked to have an abortion need to get the pregnancy aborted within 9 weeks. If the gestation period id more than 9 weeks, then women need to avoid the use of pills and need to undergo a surgical abortion.

Drugs may fail

There is a 2% chance that these Abortion Pills may fail. There are chances that the pregnancy particles may still not get removed completely from the body. Hence, women may require a surgical abortion to get the process completed.

The time period is longer

Women who buy Cytotec pills online to get the pregnancy terminated need to wait for 14 days to know the effectiveness of the pill. Instead, the surgical abortion process gets completed within the time of 30 minutes.

Side effects

Even there are no maximum side effects, there are certain side effects that can be experienced by women. There is a risk of heavy bleeding and if the condition goes worse than women may require a blood transfusion. The other side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, etc. can be experienced by women.

After knowing the pros and cons of using the meds it is possible that women may make a clear decision regarding the use of the pills.

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