Things women need to know about getting pregnant after having an abortion

There are a number of women who opt to have an abortion. Many of the couples do prefer to delay the pregnancy and do not plan for it unless they are ready for it. Some women terminate the pregnancy due to some medical or psychological reasons. But getting pregnant soon after having an abortion would require a little planning and safety measures to be followed. Usually, women when you order Abortion Pills it can come across the advice which is given by the health care provider and it states that the pregnancy soon after an abortion should be avoided.

Below given are the facts which can be considered if women do need to know about the conception after having pregnancy termination.

Abortion has nothing to do with the fertility

If women do make the use of the Abortion Pills then they need to follow the proper medical guidance which can help women to get the pregnancy terminated easily. Medical abortion is completely performed with the help of pills and hence women do not have to fear the fertility issues. The fertility issues occur only if the process damages the productive organ such as ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Due to advancements in science, there has been a decrease in infection rates.

Repeated abortion in pats results in the weak cervix or incompetent

Enduring the termination process so that you can delay the pregnancy may not harm you. But enduring multiple dilations and curettages or multiple abortions wherein the uterus is cleaned may result in scarring the top of the cervix or inside the womb. The process wherein the cervix is dilated frequently may weaken the cervix and if women would have had multiple terminations you can suffer inept cervix which can lead to dilation before the due time and may lead to mistimed abortion. When such conditions occur, the cervix is stitched to keep an embryo close to the uterus so that the embryo is safe in the uterus.

Pregnancy soon after abortion is harmful

Doctors recommend that getting pregnant soon after having an abortion or within 3 months of having an abortion can be dangerous for women. During the medical process, the uterus becomes soft and contact so that it can expel the fetus out of the body. At times this process is followed by the heavy bleeding. Women are asked to wait for at least 6 months before she does try to conceive and till then women are asked that they do make the use of the contraceptives.

Post-abortion the use of contraceptive is necessary

Even if you bleed or have missed a period you still would be ovulating and hence there are chances that you may get pregnant. Hence it is recommended that women do make the use of contraceptives or any kind of precautions that can help to avoid the pregnancy.

Take expert’s help to plan a pregnancy after abortion

Though you buy MTP kit online to get the pregnancy terminated and wait long to conceive, it is necessary that you must seek a piece of advice from a health care provider and know whether you are fit to get pregnant or not.

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