Does PCOS results in an abortion?

Women who have PCOs generally have a lesser chance of pregnancy as compared to the other women. Even when they get pregnant, ether is more chances that women may have complications. Most of the women who get pregnant after having PCOs may have to buy Abortion Pills to end the pregnancy due to complications. It is necessary that one does understand the difference between induced abortion and normal abortion or miscarriage.

Women who make the use of Abortion Pills have induced abortion. Women who have a pregnancy and also do have PCOS are more likely to have a miscarriage and this is known as natural abortion. Such issues can have an effect on the health of women as well as for the child.

Following points can help to explain the risks which are associated during pregnancy in women with PCOs


A natural miscarriage is a risk that can be faced by the women who have PCOs problem.  There are cases wherein the successful pregnancy and normal delivery too are reported.  However, women who are diagnosed with PCOs and get pregnant are more likely to get into a situation like a miscarriage.

During the early stage of the pregnancy, women do expel the embryo and this is different from induced abortion wherein women are required to buy MTP kit and end the pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes

This is a specific type of diabetes that can be diagnosed in women with PCOs after women do conceive. There are different treatments available for this disorder, but it is necessary that one does control the sugar level.  If women do fail to take the measures, then it can create a problem for women as well as the infant.

In most of the cases, health care provider does help women to manage diabetes, but even after taking all the precautions women may have to go through surgical abortion to have a delivery.

After delivery, there are chances that women may have low sugar levels or breathing problems.


In this case, if the blood pressure in women increases, then this can have a negative impact on the women’s liver, brain, and kidneys. If you come across any such problem, then it is necessary that women do seek medical help.

If women are diagnosed with Eclampsia then it can cause damage to the organ or can result in a seizure.  If such conditions are not treated, then it can prove to be fatal for the health of women.

High blood pressure

This is the condition that may occur during the third trimester and this is called pregnancy-induced high blood pressure.

Pre-term birth

If the baby is being delivered before 37 weeks then such deliveries are considered to be pre-term. Babies with preterm births are prone to many other health issues ad this problem can be experienced in later life.

Women need to ensure that they do take all the measures which can help women to deal with the PCOs during pregnancy and get effective results.

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