How can Abortion Pills help when the contraceptives fail?

Women are familiar with both the terms Abortion Pills and contraceptive pills and both these meds do help women to avoid the pregnancy. Women can make the use of contraceptive pills and avoid pregnancy, whereas they can order Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy aborted once it occurs. There are a number of reasons behind the contraceptive failures and also due to this number of women end up having an unplanned pregnancy.

The following are the reasons due to which women do land in pregnancy even after making the use of contraceptives.
  • The pills which are used are ineffective
  • The gap between the dose leads to pregnancy
  • The women had sexual activity when she started with the birth control pills

Hence it is mandatory that women do have an idea when should she indulge in such activities and what is the right method to administrate the pills to avoid the pregnancy.

The following things can help you to know how the use of Abortion Pills can help in case the contraceptive pills fail to work.

When there is a failure of contraceptive it is more often than women may have to take the decision of the abortion or continuing the pregnancy. For women, those who land in such problems are left with two options- medical abortion and surgical abortion. Surgical abortion can be performed up to 21 weeks, whereas medical abortion can only be performed during the first trimester or till the gestation period of the pregnancy remains 9 weeks.

Hence, once you come across the contraceptive failure, it is must that women do have an idea about the gestation period so that the method of abortion can be decided.

There are a number of women who order Cytotec pills and have after the failure of the contraceptives. After conducting the interview it was concluded that a number of women answered that the pills for termination are effective and also cheaper due to which they can rely on the pills for abortion in case the contraceptives fail.

Once these termination pills are administrated they help women to end the pregnancy by stopping the development of the fetus. Women can make the use of the Mifepristone pill so that the growth of the pregnancy is being blocked and then can make the use of the Cytotec pills which can help to abort the pregnancy effectively. The secondary pill helps to contract the uterus and then dispel the fetus so that the pregnancy can get terminated effectively. 

After making the use of the Abortion Pills it is common that women can have symptoms of abortion, such as bleeding and cramping and this symptom induce abortion. If the contraceptives fail, then the use of Abortion Pills is the best option but this doesn’t mean that women have the option to abort the pregnancy again and again. Hence it is necessary that women do have an idea about administrating the contraceptive pills at the right time so that it can help women to avoid the situation such as unplanned pregnancy.

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